I have just began teaching Reiki in Mysteries, which I am so happy about as since I shut my shop in London & moved to cornwall, teaching Reiki has been rather difficult.

I got an email the other week asking if there was any spaces left on the next Reiki course. I redirect them to Mysteries & ask if that is where I know them from.

They reply to say that her & her partner knew me from Namaste, they only came in once, but from that moment they knew they wanted to learn Reiki with me & then the shop shut & I disappeared.

She had searched to no avail & her partner told her not to worry, that they would find me when the time was right.

Nearly three years later I start teaching Reiki at Mysteries & they happened to come in & discover the leaflet!

As they were relaying this story to the class on Sunday, another guy also clicked- It turns out he also had planned to do it with me then, but I had disappeared! Only he hadn't realised it was me!


Has anyone seen Joan of Arcadia?

It is a tv programme about a girl called Joan who gets visited by god everyday. But in the guise of an ordinary person.

Now this can be a relatively normal phenomena for us everyday of our lives as you could say we are all part of god but I swear this really happened to me on Thursday...

The day my computer got hacked & a virus, not only that but it spread it to all my contacts by pretending to be me- which in turn spread to all their contacts & so on. I should write a book- "How to loose friends & alienate people!"

It all happened because once again my self sabotage voice called "Mr Rush" took over my self empowerment voice of "Miss Intuition."

I was sat at a station kicking myself thinking "I still haven't learnt, not even after loosing 4.5 million on the lottery that time." (see blog for month of June @ www.transcendentaltemple.co.uk) When a lady smiling at me enigmatically & calmly came over to me, she had a compassionate feel. She didn't say a word, just handed me a newspaper & walked off! I look at the headline & it says "loss of 4.5 million"!

I couldn't work out why! As if I needed reminding! It had already occured to me! All I can think is that spirit have a wicked sense of humour! In more ways than one!

That evening I attend my Five Rhythms dance class. I attend every week. But this week I was coming down with a cold & wondered if it was better to rest but I decided to go after realising that I shouldn't be going & not listening to my body rhythm anyway! Well low & behold! The altar for that week was a big block of ice with with the word "trust" frozen in it & candles burning their way throughoutt ...

That's it! This journey of "Trust" I had been on for so long, wasn't about trust in the universe, my intuition or myself, it was about slowing down & giving the time to trust, the lottery was lost because I didn't slow down, my computer was hacked because I didn't slow down & now I was being forced to slow down in the dance & be faced with trust!

Spirit/ universe, the all, you are so funny!

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I am Tiffany, I work full time in London & Cornwall as a Psychic Reader, Healer & Teacher, specializing in Tarot, Reiki, Regression & Astrology. I love sharing the magical happenings in my life & hope you get just asmuch if not more from reading them.

Warm wishes