If you have ever watched Friends then you may have seen the episode where Monica gives Chandler sex advice and in a funny way talks about the 7 erogenous zones of women. Is this a real fact or is this just a make belief idea that was used for the show. We will discuss this idea and find out whether there are these zones and if they do in fact send women into orgasmic heaven.

The first thing we discovered is that there are more than 7 erogenous zones as different women's bodies have different zones. However, there are commonly agreed upon zones. We discuss them in no particular order, so trying to figure out what zones Monica refers to when she is calling out the numbers will not help.

The ears are the first of the erogenous zones. Nibbling, sucking, or licking the earlobes specifically can send waves of pleasure through a woman. Some women also enjoy having warm air blown into their ears, whispering, or licking, sucking and nibbling the ear itself. This is an area that can stimulate your lover very strongly, but must be approached with some care. First of all, not all women enjoy this. Second, many women will enjoy this more if it is done later in foreplay; so don't start with the ears, perhaps do it after you've covered the neck, lips and nipples.

Lips are the second erogenous zone that we will go over. Lips are perhaps the first step of foreplay and are most likely to last throughout the whole love-making. Kissing is significantly important in making a woman have the difference between an "eh" orgasm and an "oh, wow!" orgasm. Kissing must be done right. If you are unsure about your kissing expertise then sometimes the best thing you can do is let go of you inhibitions and let your feelings tell your mouth what to do, i.e. you stay out of it. Don't try to think, "well, we haven't tried this way of kissing", or "we have been doing this one for a while, let's try something else." No, let your passions lead the way. That being said, having knowledge of how to kiss and especially of how your lady likes to be kissed is usually better at sending your lady into ecstasy.

We will discuss the neck third. The neck is also a very stimulating area for a woman. This area perhaps is one of the more difficult to get right. First, different women respond to neck stimulation differently. Some prefer lighter, gentle kissing. Others women prefer to be ravaged on the neck almost like a vampire bite. On top of that each woman has different spots on her neck that send those sparks of electricity through her body. And as if that was not enough each woman has a different time that she will respond to this stimulation, some enjoy it throughout lovemaking others prefer it toward the end, when they are close to orgasm, and still others prefer it during foreplay. This is an area that should be practiced with a long term partner during casual sex, that way when it is time to turn up the heat, you will have the neck mastered as well.

Nipples, areola, and the breasts are an excellent and amazing erogenous area of 3 zones. It is quite easy to stimulate the breast area on any woman although proper technique is something that will develop with time. If you need some basic tips you can start by sucking on the nipple, while you are sucking twist your tongue in a clockwise direction around the nipple, start the twisting slow, then go faster and faster. One thing to watch out for on the nipple is that different women can take different amounts of pressure before it becomes painful for them. Another thing to do is while you are doing the sucking tongue thing, take as much of both breasts in your hands as you can and begin to squeeze at the same time. This one also is one to watch out for as far as how much pressure the woman's breast will take before it becomes painful. This is one of those really strange body parts that mysteriously is very pleasurable for a man to touch.

Buttocks or Anus is another erogenous zone. This is one of those however that cannot be used by everyone and especially not every time. The butt cheeks are excellent place to squeeze or even slap in the right situations. The butt hole is another area altogether. This one requires foremost, trust. Your girl must totally trust that you would not do anything she wouldn't like. If she doesn't, instead of bringing her closer to an orgasm, she will concentrate on the finger that you have on her butt hole. Also you must be pretty confident that your girl actually wipes her butt really well or she took a shower, otherwise she will instantly know that you just touched something that made you disgusted. If all of these are okay, do not actually stick your finger in the hole; just apply pressure to the area and do a tiny but rapid vibration, and do this closer to her climax…do not do this too early in your lovemaking. On a final note, if she tells you that she doesn't like it, do not try it again that session, and not all girls enjoy this so perhaps do not try it ever again.

Feet and toes are another one of the erogenous zones. This is actually somewhat similar to the above because some women do in fact find that their toes/feet are an extremely personal, sensual, and pleasurable zone; just as many do find it to be too sensitive (ticklish) or not pleasurable at all because many women have a complex of one kind or another with their feet. Some have big feet, others have feet deformities, and still others can't get their feet to smell good, or at least they think that. If your girl actually loves her feet being touched then, provided that you also enjoy it, by all means lick and suck and touch them. Sometimes it can be helpful to ask the girl for advice on how she prefers them to be touched, she will more than likely enjoy giving you "orders."

The last erogenous zone that we will discuss is the genitalia, which has 5 zones in itself, including the clitoris, anterior fornix or a-spot, u-spot or lips of the vagina, the Grafenberg spot or more commonly known as the G-spot, and the uterus. This is where most men spend their time so there is little to discuss here. A few things that I will mention is that if you do not know about any of these 5 areas then you should learn all you can about it. Some for example the uterine orgasm requires a fairly long penis to get that deep inside a girl, so your options will be either to try to enlarge your penis using any of the various male enhancement options that are out there, or give up on the prospect of doing that altogether. The 4 other most if not all men can learn to pleasure, whether it is with your penis, your tongue or your fingers.

Now that you know that there are so many more options for creating pleasure in your woman, other than the few that you already know about, why not try a few of them; or do you dare try all of these techniques, to pleasure your girl so much that she will be willing to pleasure you in any way that you could ever want?

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