Quote: “We learned to follow many belief systems programmed from youth. It is time to embrace change and re-create a new system based upon your own truth."

Each one of us can identify with a certain set of beliefs passed down from generations. Beliefs can hold us back from creating greatness due to false limitations. Our minds are computerized programs set in our ways. We behave like robots imitating the influences of society. If you are unhappy in your life, change what you see. Change will only happen when you choose to plant seeds of peace, love, happiness and prosperity.

We define our belief systems as the core values to who we really are. Do you value life as an open door of opportunity or wonder why life tends to be so hard? Get out of the imprisonment of the mind you tend to fall victim too. You are the only individual responsible for finding your own truth. Truth lives in the essence of our being. Think for yourself and trust in what you believe in. The heart of intuition will send answers to what you are feeling. Get a hold and control your limited thinking. Let the heart help you reach a life of fulfillment. First, you must acknowledge, accept and understand your emotions. God blessed us with all possibilities. We choose to limit our minds for whatever reasons. Change the inner critic within your minds and create a new beginning without the lies. The inner critic can fear the minute you want to try something new. Show compassion and the inner critic will listen to you. As adults, we continue to struggle with negative thoughts and emotions learned from what our parents taught. Free your mind from the traffic of negative habits and open up to a new world without the panic. Be determined and see your life outside of false belief systems holding you in bondage instead of granting the mind true freedom. Do you feel stuck in life and cannot move forward? Step out of your comfort zone and try something awkward. Awkwardness can open up your mind to a new sense of awareness. Face your fears and be willing to take chances. Your childhood wounds reside in the memory bank of the subconscious mind. You can consciously learn to reprogram the mind at any time. We need to confront the problems left behind because they reside in the back of our minds where they continue to hide. Our past environments might have created habits and behaviors of who we are today. God says if you learn to believe in you then, “Let me pave the way.” Our memories bind us to the past unless we let go and learn to give the present a chance. Bring to light and reveal your own truth. To be a winner, learn to make positive choices that are right for you. Your new belief systems stems from the root. The root of being is where you will find the truth. Change your way of thinking if you are seeking happiness. We travel down the road to The Different Levels of Consciousness.

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Valencia Clay is the Founder of WomensINtuit, an empowerment organization that represents personal growth and positive change. Check out WomensINtuit's website at www.womensintuit.com