True or False: “There Are Two-Strategies I Can Do At My Desk to Rejuvenate Me.”
• 1. “You decide after you do a mind/body experiment.”

• 2. “I like being the judge & jury.”

• 3. “The first exercise is called “Friction” and changes your brainwaves (ElectroMagnetic Field), leading to a high
better “vibrational frequency.” You expand the fixed boundaries of your “comfort-zone”.

• 4. “Sounds too complicated. What’s your definition of my ”Comfort-Zone?”

• 5. “We all got it & it’s on auto-pilot. Comfort-zone is habit, ritual, & patterns. Wednesday we eat Macaroni & Cheese, if not there – we freak out and go imbalanced.

• Sure, we drive to work using the same route because it’s “easy, faster, & comfortable.” Your brain is hardwired for
your comfort-zone. It’s called Homeostasis.

• Sort of back-to-center. Call it “balance”, equilibrium. Laziness is another name for your comfort-zone.”

• 6. Al Einstein would intentionally choose different ways to behave, which words & phrases to use, and foods to eat. He said it made his brain rigid when he did not deviate from the norm daily.

• After he died, an autopsy showed Albert’s brain had 30% more connections between his left & right hemispheres than the rest of us.”

• 7. “Can you please get to the two-strategies?”

• 8. “Both start with eyes closed, seated, with four (4) diaphragmatic breaths. You exhale on each breath four-times, and chant the sound, “Hum-m, hum-m, hum-m, & hum-m. How many times? 16-times.”

• 9. “Why? You start everything with that.”

• 10. “You recycle your brain pathways to their original settings, and get out of your “head”, and into your body.
For Brainiacs: you balance your ‘corpus callosum’ so left & right brains work together.

• See, after even 90-minutes on the computer, you are 95% in-your-head, and ignoring the neural networks of your body and emotions. It negatively affects your brainwaves, & your Electro-magnetic Field.”

• 11. “Next case, what else?”

• 12. “Intentionally choose a wide SMILE on your puss. Show teeth & squint your eyes. It doubles the effectiveness of this Friction exercise.”

• 13. “How long is this going to last, I’m getting frustrated.”

• 14. “You are suffering from a need for “immediate-gratification.” If you consciously delay that need, it invigorates your brain for learning & memory.”

• 15. “Please, I beg you, gimme the strategy. My head hurts.”

• 16. “Hold your hands in front of you and rub your palms briskly together for 10-seconds. Feel them heat up. Place your hands on top of your head.

• 17. Run your hands down your face, down your neck, chest, and stop at your belly-button. Your hands are pressing & massaging as you movedownward.

• 18. You are stroking your main chakras & meridians, balancing them, and connecting your left & right hemispheres for cooperation.

• 19. This strategy moves you from 95% left-brain dominance of “Beta cycles per seconds”, to Alpha brainwaves of 50% each for your Left-and-Right brains.

• 20. Ready. Do the friction thing again with both palms & start at your scalp, and run down the front of your body to your belly-button. Press & massage as you move downward.”

• 21. Now for the third and last Friction exercise, do it again. Press & massage downward from scalp to bellybutton. Out with the head stuff, in with mind-body connection.

• 22. “The second strategy follows immediately after the Friction exercise. You are still in “alignment” with the broad Smile on your face.”

• 23. “How long will this one take?”

• 24. “60-seconds, but it is very powerful for setting you up for success and feeling productive.”

• 25. “Here’s the set-up. Stand up, eyes opened, smiling.

• 26. “Got it Pop.”

• 27. “It’s called the Touch-Down, takes a minute and lasts for about four-hours of feeling good.”

• Stretch both arms upward like the football symbol for a “touchdown”. Add these two gestures: thumbs up, and your eyes looking upward to the sky.

• 28. “I can do that.”

• 29.”Three-times from scratch for 100% effectiveness.
Mentally visualize you were just handed your college diploma & you are thanking the heavens.

• You are reliving a ‘historical success’ mentally, physically & emotionally. You do not have to jump upward, just use your arms, thumbs, and eyes to show your enthusiasm.

• “How many times do I do the “Touch-Down”?

• 30. “Three-times, and it only takes 60-seconds. It is a Priming Posture, and produces a surge of energy to raise your Vibrational Frequency. Lasts about four-hours. Got it?”

No more, I’m getting antsy. Practice it at work and at home. It works to balance your brain, body and emotions for better relationships, learning & memory.

“Tap-in, Turn-on, and Tune-in to your mind-body connection. Why? You’ll earn success and lose that overwhelmed feeling of “information-overload”.

See ya,

Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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