“True-or-False Research Improves Your Memory 73%.”
• 1. True or False: “It’s what you KNOW, not what you ‘Show’.”

• 2. True or False: “At-Work: YOU are ‘underestimated’ by the HR department.”

• 3. True or False: “Getting-Excited is better than “Calming-
Down” for school and career success.”

• 4. True or False: “Anxiety hurts your grades on Tests.”

• 5. True or False: “Your own spoken words powerfully affect your Mind’s activities.”

• 6. True or False: “300-million-meters is ‘different’ than
186 thousand miles per second.”

• 7. True or False: “Using the baby-easy PEG System improves your memory 73%.”

• 8. True or False: “Using the easy LINK System for learning improves your knowledge & skills 45%.”’
• 9. True or False: “What your MIND hears mentally or Aloud from you with feeling, changes your Mood & Attitude.”

• 10. True or False: “What you feed your MIND consistently and emotionally, can Improve your Actions & Behaviors within 14-days.”

• 11. True or False: “Your WillPower and Intention decide your Success or Failure in school, career & relationships.”

• 12. True or False: “Willpower and Intention are urban Myths.”

Please Take Notice: When you discover ‘True-or-False’, you never forget the answer. You use it in daily life to improve your experiences and success.

a) “The FASTER you learn, the more your EARN.”
b) Triple your learning-skills and double your long-term memory.” Evelyn Wood & H. Bernard Wechsler.
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