Less than 30 men are willing to disclose their issues regarding premature ejaculation. It is one problem that has led to the increase in marital affairs and as well increasing the effects. Premature ejaculation tends to affect couples psychologically since they believe they can handle it, but in the end, it just aggravates. All sexual issues in men require immediate and effective treatment to prevent the problem from getting worse.

There are different ways on how men can treat premature ejaculation and in most cases; some may even combine one treatment with another. Treating premature ejaculation requires a patient to meet a sexologist to describe the favorable treatment. There are various treatments that range from counseling, Ayurvedic medicines, physical exercises, therapies, and acupuncture. These are regarded as the best treatments for premature ejaculation.

The intravaginal ejaculatory latency time is always different for men with premature ejaculation and that is why it is difficult to come up with final conclusions on how men perform during sex.

One Important note to be taken is that this problem can be dealt with and completely cured when there are efforts made to do so, but in failure, it becomes a lifetime problem. Treating this issue with counseling can be taken up in case the sexologist finds a man with different psychological issues like stress, depression, and lack of rest. The body at the end is able to coordinate and work as expected.

Premature Ejaculation treatment in India is commonly done using Ayurvedic herbal medicines. It is an excellent way of improving the sexual activity in men and reports say that this treatment can increase the intravaginal ejaculatory latency time to a minute. Treatment with acupuncture can make an improvement of half a minute. There are no concluded results of using physical exercise and therapies, but they can help in treating this problem.

The top sexologist in India explains that using a combination of these treatments can offer better results for example Ayurvedic treatments and therapies. Acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicines can also improve the time. One can attain a maximum of even eight minutes by using the Chinese medicines with topical creams. Viagra was seen as the best treatment for premature ejaculation, but with the latest research and techniques, more treatments are now on the market and preferred since they offer a big difference.

The fear in men caused by this problem always keeps them back from attaining treatment which affects both their relationships and their daily life. Psychologically, they become tortured and lose their self-esteem.

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There are no approved treatments for premature ejaculation, but the above-mentioned treatments can be of good help to prolong and bring about the desired results during sexual intercourse.