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Transforming Your Communication Capabilities: Listening Tips

We've been communicating since we were born. So the tendency is to believe that we all communicate well. Think again!
In this era of fast-paced living we are often left little room for sending and receiving clear, satisfying, confident communication. More importantly, we need to focus on being fully present while listening to communicate well.

We speak and we listen. Our clients understand the value of listening. We teach the techniques in Kay Lindahl's books Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening. The needs of business colleagues, and personal relations are affected by our ability to really hear the message being sent.
When we take the time and have the intent to be fully present while listening before responding, our communication can be clear and smooth.

Among our many success stories is Ann, who got promoted to Senior Accountant with a prestigious firm. After learning The Confident Communicator™strategies, she strengthened her ability to communicate with power. Ann honed her listening skills to be able to fully understand what was needed for her career advancement. She told me, "I'm not only a better listener, but I'm a better thinker now." Her accomplishment is even more impressive because English is not her first language.

ACE Confident Communicator Workshop™Action Steps For Respectful Listening Techniques.

* Be fully present while listening
* Reserve judgment and let the speaker complete the message
* Prior to answering take a few deep breaths
* Respond with a focus on the most important part of the message

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Kaye, Managing Director, Confident Communicator Workshops™ hold Credentials as an English As A Second Language Instructor and teacher trainer. Nancy Kaye taught at UCSD and Point Loma Nazarene University in the English Departments. She founded and ran Global American Language Institute (GALI) in 1992, a California State Approved School, and American Communication English. She focuses on consulting and supporting corporate business executives, groups, organizations and one-on-one clients become confident communicators.

American Communication English, ACE Trains and Coaches clients in all skills of English.

The ACE Confident Speaker. Nancy's background includes being a professional voice-over actress, including hosting her own TV and radio shows in Chicago, New York and California. She is an internationally published writer, interviewing many famous people including Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer. She is an engaging and inspiring speaker.
She instructs one-on-one, and groups in personalized training re-programming sessions in all areas of communication. The intensive curriculum is tailored to the needs of every client and what their goals are. She diagnoses, evaluates, and teaches clients on a needs basis, and fine tunes them offering coaching, on-call client support and empowerment.

ACE clients sound good in public because they train in private.

ACE Confident Communicator Workshops™
We have been teaching communication skills to clients from all over the world since 1992. Both native and non-native speakers have used our successful Confident Communicator™ methods in the business setting, with organizations and personally.
ACE workshops are custom made, produced and presented on and off site, including live distance learning.
Corporate executive management use ACE workshop modules to help their employees to become more effective communicators within the company structure.

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