We want to assist the development of this great sport by continuing to set new standards for trampoline equipment regarding both safety and performance. As always, we keep the customer in mind!

The customer is a Club owner who wants to save money, as well as the Club members who want to safely jump higher.
Dave Ross started out as both the coach who wanted to be able to afford better equipment and as the athlete who wanted a more stable and more powerful bounce.

We have always focused on producing equipment with superior life to save a Club’s money. Your sustainable future is here and now, with Rebound Products.

Dave Ross started the business by selling springs and refurbishing used trampoline frames in 1980. A wider frame was built in ’81 and bed research started shortly after that. Rebound Products was incorporated in 1993 and supplied the trampolines at the World Trampoline Championships in 1996 and 2007. We are proud to say that both events had a low number of failed routines and the tension of the trampolines remained constant throughout! It was the 2007 event that triggered international acceptance of more powerful beds and more stable frames.

Rebound continues to improve its equipment and continues to grow.


Rebound Products founder Dave Ross has been a Canadian national team trampoline coach since 1976 and was a competitive athlete himself for 20 years. He pioneered the 4 corner bungee system being the first athlete to do a 10 triples routine and also 100 different triple somersaults there. Dave with a Physics degree from Queens University has a knack for mechanical engineering and a passion for Trampoline. He has spent years researching, designing, AND TESTING trampoline equipment. In the relentless quest for a better bounce, details count.

He is also the founder and head coach at Skyriders Trampoline Place which has produced 7 Olympic Medals, including Canada’s only summer Olympic defending champion in any sport, ever, Rosie MacLennan with 2012 and 2016 Golds.
Rebound Products is proud to have created a number of innovations in the Trampoline World. Actually the bulk of the equipment improvements in the last 30 years.

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