Oftentimes, trading stock market newsletters appeal to greed, promising unreasonable returns and exposing them unknowingly to huge amounts of risk, which essentially guarantee they will lose money. SRS has a different approach than other trading stock market newsletters. We seek to help clients build lasting wealth focusing on prudent stock trading strategies, keeping their risk exposure low, and researching companies top money managers are buying.

Trading Stock Market Strategy

Some trading stock market newsletters take a short cut, recommending high-beta, cheap stocks that have recently experienced explosive gains. While this approach can sometimes lead to spectacular gains, it also sets clients up as bag holders. In the end, this approach is a guaranteed way to lose money.

SRS trading stock market newsletter subscribers are never exposed to these kind of risks. We buy only strongly trending stocks from sound bases that offer buying support and that show wide institutional accumulation.

Trade in direction of trend

Buy from sound bases

Buy strength, sell weakness

SRS Newsletter Stock Picking Strategy:

The SRS trading stock market newsletter strategy for picking stocks is focused on market leadership. We start by analyzing leading sectors and then drill down to leading stocks in those sectors. We want to see increased fund ownership over a period of quarters, strong earnings per share (EPS), improving relative strength, and most importantly, a good story. Stocks should have real demand. Companies that don’t have strong future growth potential likely have a group of smart investors looking to sell strength.

Focus on leadership

Increasing fund ownership

Increasing EPS

Relative Strength

Risk Management Strategy:

If you focus on managing risk, profits tend to take care of themselves. Years ago we developed a strategy we call the SRS 10/2 Ratchet system. The 10/2 represents reward versus risk. We never take a trade that doesn’t have at least a 10 percent profit potential and we have consistently kept losses below 2 percent on trades that fail by using stop losses and position-sizing strategies. Just like a ratchet tool that never lets a mechanism slip backward, this system ensures that if just 50 percent of all trades are profitable, trading accounts are guaranteed to grow and grow.

Position sizing

Stop loss placement

SRS 10/2 Ratchet System

SRS Trading Stock Market Newsletters Service

Several hours before the markets open each day, we send a newsletter to our subscribers that includes a detailed analysis of the market and an assessment of where new money-making opportunities are at. Subscribers not only know why they are buying or selling a position, but they know what the probabilities for success are.

Daily market analysis

Stock trading recommendations

Detailed entry, target, and stop loss prices

Detailed stock trade description (technical and fundamental)

Detailed guidance for open positions

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SRS is a one-stop solution provider that helps traders and investors maximize their returns from the markets with the help of a daily stock trading and trading stock market newsletter.