Network Marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), deserves a good look for anyone looking to get start building wealth and their own business, and here are the Top 10 Reasons why I would say that.

1. Business is all about relationships anyway.

A successful business may have the kind of product or service that’s good enough to sell itself, but the vast majority of sales are still driven by relationships.

Additionally, most entrepreneurs rely heavily on networking to develop their business, anyway. That means that your most fundamental choice between the business model of Network Marketing and a more traditional start up lies mostly in the kind of relationships you’re developing; it’s the difference between developing customers versus business partners.

2. You can build your business in your own time in your own way.

MLM, unlike other business opportunities, is a viable business model for people that want to invest only part-time or even just spare time in to.

For anyone wishing to transition all the way to full-time self-employment it’s a low risk way to be developing your business to a full-time income level without having to go deeply into debt or having to take the financial risk of prematurely abandoning the full-time income you already have.

3. You’ll be working with a team of people whose own level of success is directly dependent on yours.

If you’ve spent any time in corporate America you’ve probably had your fill of being undermined by co-workers so they can get ahead or being set up to fail by supervisors and then criticized and threatened because you’re failing.

In Network Marketing the only way to be truly successful is to build a team of people that are continuously winning in their business. That means that the people above you in your MLM hierarchy are probably going to be working harder at helping you succeed than anything you’ve ever experienced up until now in a job.

They could well end up giving you a millions of dollars worth of coaching as well as business and sales training and all of it at a phenomenally bargain price!

4. You can earn generous recognition and rewards.

Because the company and the team of people above you are so clear that having you work with them is their privilege they’ll be turning themselves inside out to offer meaningful recognition, incentives and rewards. It’s like having your own private squad of cheer leaders ready to cheer you on – generously! - and they don’t wait to go all out just for the championship game!

Part of the inspiration and motivation game is to catch people being good and reward the behavior.

You’ll find that it’s rare that your accomplishments will go unacknowledged.

5. You can build residual income.

Passive revenue is where it's at and MLM is a way to achieve it. It's a beautiful thing to go on an extended vacation and come home and find out how much money you made while you were gone.

6. No one will be telling you what to do.

People with entrepreneurial personalities typically hate being micromanaged and I’ve never met a MLM company that treats its people that way.

When you’re working with people that are truly there out of choice – unlike most employees (who often stay at companies or put up with conditions because they ‘have’ to) – you're going to have a very different approach than you would in the regular workplace. In MLM it's clear that creating an environment that makes people unhappy means that not only will they leave but they'll be taking a raft of people with them - and a big chunk of the upline's livelihood - so they're going to be conscious of treating people with the respect and courtesy they've always deserved.

7. You’ll learn to effectively inspire and motivate people.

Just like your up line won’t be telling you what to do, you won’t be telling your team what to do, either. You’ll learn to lead your team and the people around you with inspiration and motivation.

8. You’ll be hanging out with some of the coolest people on the planet.

People that last in MLM tend to be very clear that personal development is key to achieving the next level of success. What that means for you is that you’re going to be hanging out with people that are some of the most enlightened people on the planet. You'll be constantly exposed to positive, inspiring, motivational success principles.
Wouldn't that make a nice break from the usual complaining at the water cooler?

9. It's all about partnership.

One of the more frustrating parts of my stint in corporate America was the pervasive assumption that anytime I was not getting the results I was supposed to be it somehow made me the enemy. It was bizarre to me that I would be under attack for it instead of being approached with the assumption that I'd like to have it turn out, too. You know; like I was a partner in the process.

And essentially that's what makes MLM so refreshing for me.

I love partnering with people and working closely together so they can fly the way they were always meant to.

There's something about it that satisfies me on a soul level that makes it incomparable to anything else on the planet. I get really jazzed about it. And that's one reason why you will certainly be hearing more about Network Marketing from me in years to come.

10. You'll grow into the person you were always meant to be and live the life you were always meant to live.

No one on the planet was born to be enslaved by anyone or anything, yet it happens all the time. Very few people get to lay on their death bed and marvel in awe at the life they've lived, but I personally avow that it is every person's birthright that they get to.

A fellow Network Marketer's wife was recently diagnosed with cancer. You can imagine how devastating that news was to hear, but he had something that most of us don't - he had the certainty that he'd had the time, energy and the financial resources to have an extraordinary life with her. He'd retired young over 20 years ago and he and his family have used the passive income from MLM to chase every dream that was important to them - traveling, hobbies, holidays - all of it. He is profoundly grateful that MLM gave him the chance to create that life with her, come what may.

Author's Bio: 

Tracy Phaup is the founder and President of the Tracy Phaup Group, a consulting group specializing in custom consulting services for Internet marketers, Professional Bloggers, and Infopreneurs. Affectionately known as the Social Media Marketing Maven, her specialty is relationship marketing. Share her expertise  in developing relationships that rock!