We try to explain the meaning of 'High Page Rank backlinks "(also known as PR). Google has page rank website and the website. New sites are generally not in connection with his next few days, and release varies Google. Last updated every three months, but recent updates often. But in his favor, which is now, as a rule, the value of the site immediately if you are in a position to or less than 3 months will be critical updates.

To add a link to the site PR 0 has a value, but not so much, PR as one of the first line of this principle with PR 2 1 and so on ... Page Rank of 3.4 and 5 is very popular all over the rank of a web page will be few and far between 6,7 and 8, 9 and 10, Page Rank, is almost impossible to get a link back to.

Some ads say that a link with PR 9 site should not be confused and believe that your link here PR-9, the cost of connection is determined by the PR page on the main page. Even if you say Page Rank of 0 to PR9 site has a greater impact than PR1 PR0 pages out of the house.

PR basically a high level of confidence. Over confidence is a standard search engine. It is therefore important that the quality of backlinks.

Now you can learn the basic facts of a high page rank, here are five tips on how to get links to quality.

First, you have three expansion for browsers (Mozilla Firefox is the most important for SEO).

1) Use a tool called SEO Quake add-on is "in the browser, Google has been given or" Firefox add-ons "in the search box. This tool shows you, PR of internal pages.

2) Even if you have found the first "add" a "series of the page" too. There are several to choose from, and show the PR of the page you are viewing in your browser.

3) We must "show Quirk SEO" link if you're going to get a "panel extensions, even NOFOLLOW" or "DoFollow to be." DoFollow is the type of connection is necessary because it is one of the best search engines. NOFOLLOW links a little traffic, so the user can click on the link to new research.

4) Commenting on the site is the best way to get backlinks from high page rank (DoFollow).

5) Trying to find sites with high PR internal'll discover the world of "fingerprint" - a query that can be entered in the search box to look at the site a high PR site. Using the tools above to find high page PR. Here are some of the "footprint" should be used. Website: highprwebsite.com "comments" | Website: highprwebsite.org "Comment" - replacement highprwebsite site of your choice

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