Are you a makeup loving person? However, does makeup powder fall from your hand accidentally on the carpet sometimes? Do not need to be worried. A regular clean up of your carpet can keep away the stains from it, and you can increase the longevity of it. Read the following guidelines to get makeup powder removal tips from the carpet of your house.


  • First identify the spot: You need to first identify the place where the makeup powder has fallen? Otherwise, it is not possible to clean the entire carpet. Once you identify the spot, you should vacuum the powder from the carpet. 


In order to remove the stain of the makeup powder, you should require to do the wet treatment as well. However, you need to ensure that the wet treatment does not discolour or fade the place of your carpet; otherwise, it may look damaged. 


  • Vacuum the place: In order to keep away the powdery material from your carpet, you should vacuum the place very gently. Do not forget to keep the speed of vacuum cleaner low or under your control, otherwise, the powder of the spot may spread. If you want to know more about the speed of vacuum cleaner, you can consult the professionals of carpet cleaning in Wollongong
  • Use lukewarm water and soap: You should apply water and soap for keeping away the leftover powder from the carpet. In this regard, try to avoid bleach; instead, it is better to use mild soap. Once you pour the soapy water on the carpet, you need to soak with a sponge or with a clean cloth. After that, you can wipe the place gently. 
  • Apply make up remover: At last, for removing the makeup powder, you can also apply makeup removal on the spot. Take a small piece of clean cloth and then apply a few drops of the make up removal on the cloth. Now, you can rub the cloth softly to the affected area of the carpet. If you still feel confused, you can ask for the help of experts of cleaning services in Wollongong


How To Keep Away The Stains Of Eye Liner and mascara From Your Carpet? 

In order to remove the eyeliner stains from your carpet, you should add vinegar into the warm water. Then stir the solution in a proper way and dab a piece of cloth into the solution. Blot the cloth softly on the stained area of the carpet. Continue the process until the stain is removed completely from your carpet. Now dry the carpet. If you want to get a shiny look for a long term, you should clean it regularly. 

If you want to remove the stains of mascara from your carpet, you need to add eye makeup removal in cold water and then pour the solution on the carpet and blot it with a fresh cloth. You need to check whether the mark has vanished from your carpet or not. If your answer is yes, then you should dry the area with the help of microfiber cloth. 

Final Words

If the stains are not removed from the carpet even after following the guidelines, you can call the professionals and can fix a schedule for carpet cleaning. 

Author's Bio: 

The author has had prior experience to remove the makeup powder and stains from the carpet and let people know how to remove old makeup stains from carpet.