Shoulder pain is one of the most uncomfortable ailments in the human body because it literally stops your ability to perform even the light duties such as lifting light objects, pushing as well as pulling. Shoulder pain is caused by several factors such as lifting and/or pushing heavier objects than your capability. If the shoulder pain is chronic, a lot of people tend to ignore it and that it will go away on its own. Going through a comprehensive guide to shoulder pain, you will note that below are some of the major tips that you can use to relieve the shoulder pain.

I. Avoid pushing, pulling and lifting of heavy objects.
Since this is one of the major causes of shoulder pain, the first step towards eliminating shoulder pain is to avoid doing these heavy duties. The amount of force required to perform any duties exerts a lot of pressure to the shoulder joint thus resulting to severe shoulder pain. By avoiding these duties, your shoulder will slowly but surely be over.

II. Change your routine to make the shoulder sore.
This is recommended by the shoulder experts as it helps in decreasing the stress caused on the shoulder. It gives the shoulder some rest thus it is able to heal and recover faster. In a station where you are supposed to constantly lift your head, it is recommended that you should lower the level at which you have to lift the objects or increase your height by stepping on something like a ladder. This reduces the time that the shoulder is raised above the overhead positions.

III. Change your posture.
If your kind of job requires you to sit for quite some time with the work station in front of you, it is normal to roll your shoulders and lean your head down. The result will be an increase in the tightening of the chest muscles and weakening of the back muscles and restriction in the blood flow. To relieve the shoulder pan that you may be having, it is advisable that after sitting for a while, you should change your posture, stand up, stretch yourself by crossing the arms in front of your chest, rotate your necks and perform lateral bends. This will ensure that you reduce the amount of tension and the chest and tightness.

IV. Warm the shoulder up.
One of the most recommended ways of warming the shoulder pin up is by using ice. This is usually effective within 24-72 hours from the time injury or the pain occurred. However, it is recommended that you should use moist heat so that to enhance the flow of the blood to the tight tissues. The moist heat penetrates deep into the joint thus easing the ache while at the same time improving the motion of the joint.

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