Free music is something that every user seeks. It is a search that never ends. There are thousands (if not millions) of websites provide services for free music downloads and
video songs download. The best file quality is provided to the users at all time. The following is a list of the best sites where you can have video songs downloads; music downloads, and related files.

1. YouTube
It is one of the best websites of all time which makes sure that users get the best results when downloading songs in any format.

The large database on the web is impressive because it contains all the songs. The website is classified as high by users and the current rating is 9.8 although songs are sometimes difficult to find.

The main interface of the website is accessible. Users can make direct downloads by searching for the song/video by adding the keywords for the corresponding tab and the URL of the relevant song is be copied. The user then needs to open another site, i.e. the After this, the user can then paste the URL into the corresponding tab in the third party website and this and then click “download”. After this, the desired format, for example, audio or mp3 will then be downloaded easily.

2. Mp3 Skull

This is also one of the best websites of all time where mp3 songs are downloaded directly.

It is a platform where songs are downloaded more easily. The site has an easy-to-use interface and can be easily operated. The main interface of the site is to access by typing

In the search bar the user must make sure that the name of the song is written for the results to come up in seconds.

3. Bee Mp3

This music download website is known for its user-friendly and easy interface features.

It has a large collection of old songs, so it makes it one of the best download sites of all time. The music is well arranged and organized. The only downside is that the website sometimes makes it difficult while searching for a song.

The main interface of the website must be accessed by typing the URL: After this, follow the prompt messages.

4. Free Music Archive

This website has one of the best collections of songs available on the internet. On the platform, large numbers of songs are arranged alphabetically for easy searching. The user then needs to make sure that the corresponding tab is clicked and the song in the list is searched. The song can then be easily downloaded once the category has been selected.

5. Epitonic

The website, accessible by the URL:, is known for providing cutting-edge music services to users.

The site has a bulletin feature that only a few websites of similar niche provide.

In the list of songs the user needs to take advantage of the desired alphabet to make sure the searched song is found.

6. Gemtracks

This website sells Beats that you can use in your own songs. They also have a playlist submission service so that your song will appear in Spotify. According to the website, they have more than 1000 customers since 2016.

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