Morality is inbuilt in every individual, but sometimes, due to various external pressures and temptations, you will be compelled to say a big blatant NO to ethical values and moral sciences. It will be only one night, but the mistake which you have committed for that small span of time may haunt you for ever, and some times, it may even start affecting the quality of your life. You will surely feel the heat of guilt from the feet, and it may burn your whole body and will start affecting the brain in a quite adverse manner. One of the best way to overcome all these issues is by telling her that you have cheated. This is not at all a foolish decision, and in most of the cases, it will bring about benign changes to your life. There are various benefits of opening up the cheating issue to your partner, and some of the most noted ones are mentioned below.

Guilt will make you mad: Your heavenly life may soon turn to hell if you are not telling your partner about the things which you have committed. Sometimes, your girlfriend or wife will show her utmost love towards your by various deeds. In all these moments, the guilt inside your mind will make you mad, and you will fail to behave like a normal human being. You will curse yourself, and will face huge difficulties in finding happiness in your life.

Say Good Bye to the unending paranoia: Telling a lie is quite easy, but protecting this lie demands thousands of future lies and plays. It is undoubtedly a real challenge to live with lie, and most of the people will give away in one point or another. If you are not telling the truth to your wife or girlfriend, then it will be surely tough time waiting for you in the future. You will be very much scared in all your moves, and should face that 'feeling of getting caught' in each and every moments. To avoid this nasty situation, it is better to tell her about the issue. We are all humans, and mistakes can happen. One night will not change the world upside down, and you are still that old guy who love your family more than anything else. Open up these thoughts along with the cheating story to your wife, and this will surely bring positive benefits.

Overall, it was a mistake, nothing more: You should understand that one night is not the end of your life. Sometimes, you might have slept with another girl apart from your wife, and this doesn't mean that you are not committed to your family. Your decision to stay away from morality might be drinks, temporary insane or sudden temptations. You should reveal this to your wife, and should confess that it was a mistake from your end. You should assure that this mistake will never ever happen in your life again. If you commit a mistake, then tell it to your partner as quickly as possible. If she eventually finds out your cheating through other means, then there is no doubt that you will lose your feet. At that moment, you cannot claim that it was a mistake, because for long time, you were willfully misleading her. Purposeful hiding cannot be considered as a mistake, and it is nothing but 'cheating'.

Give her some value and human consideration: If you are leading a life by hiding your mistakes, then you are literally degrading the human values of your partner. If you respect her as an individual, then you should be honest with her, and should convey the unexpected cheating which happened from your end. Always be empathetic, and try to stand in her shoes before planning to act as a good guy in front of her.

Face it with bravery: Last but not the least, you should accept that you have committed the mistake, and you should be bold enough to face the possible consequences. Your partner is also a human being, and she will be mature enough to distinguish in between the right and the wrong. Confessing your mistake in front of her will actually increase your value, and this will surely help you to bring back the relation on track. It is not wise to expect this change in a quick manner, but it will surely happen in the course of time.

Your wife is your soul mate, and she is the only one who will remain with you till your last breath. So, make sure that you are thinking everything before planning to trigger an extra marital affair.

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Mike Hatcher writes on mens rights and alternative relationships such as swingers, polyamory and open relationships. Mike writes for the largest swingers blog