1.Casa de la Vell- it is located in Andorra la Vella and it is the administration seat at the region. It is an incredibly ancient residence, which was constructed in 1580 by a noble family residing at the region. The placement features a courtroom and Consell General’s meeting area. Nearby are located some charming hotels in Andorra.

2.Santa Coloma Church- this is located in Gran Valira Valley and represents an fascinating Romanesque Church. The place has a three-stage tower. The attractions inside the church contain Mozarabic frescoes and Virgin of Coloma 12th century statue.

3.Nationwide Motor vehicle Museum- It truly is well-known mainly because it features antique bicycles and motorcycles. At the same time, the place has vintage automobiles. Furthermore, visitors can see carriages at the museum.

4.Casa Plairal d’Areny de Plandolit- Located at Valira del Nord Valley, Casa Plairal d’Areny de Plandolit is a property that was constructed in 1633. The place has a height of 4,282 feet. The property features rooms for meat and oil storage.

5.Arisnal and Pal Ski Place- Foreigners who like skiing can waste time at Arisnal and Pal Ski Region in Andorra la Vella. The region is located near La Massna. The ski part is perfect for beginners along with for intermediate skiers. You can find some fantastic hotels in Andorra located.

6.Saint Joan de Caselles- Probably the most spiritual sites at the country is Saint Joan de Caselles at Canillo in Valira d’Orient Valley. The area features the tallest church tower in Andorra. The interior of the place features frescoes and statues. One of the attractions in the site is the charming choir grille.

7.El Serrat- l Serrat in Valira del Nord Valley is one of the pristine mountains in the region. The mountain presents a scenic view of the villages in nearby towns. The height in the place is 5,053 feet. Into the area you can find some gorgeous Andorra hotels.

8.Ordino-Arcalis Ski Area- The Ordino-Arcalis Ski Spot in the southwest part of the country is actually a good region to ski for beginners and intermediate skiers. Aside from skiing, the place has hiking and trekking trails.

9.La Cortinada- It is a small village popular for producing and selling international category tobaccos. One of many attractions at the area is the Saint Marti de la Cortinada Church. In the the church, individuals can discover Romanesque frescoes.

10.Placa del Poble- It truly is one of the attractions in Andorra la Vella. This is a public square which is found on Edifici Administratiu Govern d’Andorra’s roof. The place is a very good spot to go sightseeing. The area offers nice scenery of the buildings at the city.

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