A mobile application is an integral marketing tool for all types of businesses and paves a faster way to reach a wider audience. React Native, Xamarin, flutter are the popular frameworks for building impressive and engaging hybrid apps. Hybrid apps are able to reach more people as they can run on multiple platforms, while being developed using a single code, which lowers both the development time and development cost. This makes hybrid applications a top choice for all small level businesses and mobile app developers.

Further, we will discuss the popular hybrid development frameworks that are trending in 2020 and preferred by developers and reputed brands around the world.

We have done good research in providing you the best hybrid development app development frameworks to use in 2020 for your project. These fantastic frameworks can be used to build an amazing hybrid application aligned with your business requirements and project preferences. Go through each of these frameworks to know the nitty-gritty details so that you can pick the one that suits you best.


Xamarin is counted in some of the best mobile app development frameworks and used by many organizations across the globe. Xamarin is best explained by the principle WORA (Write once, Runs anywhere), it is an open-source platform which is used to create mobile apps and offers unique features such as directly adding libraries for Java, C++ and Objective C. Developers with knowledge in C# language can easily create apps for Android, iOS, watchOS, macOS and for Windows using the Xamarin framework. It has a strong community with more than 1.4 million developers. Xamarin would be a good choice for developing hybrid apps with native look and feel.

Phone Gap

It is a simple and highly robust framework for developing hybrid mobile apps development. PhoneGap is developed by Adobe and is also known as Apache Cordova. It offers reliable cross-platform compatibility for all platforms, which reduces overall development time. A developer with basic knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML can easily develop mobile apps in the PhoneGap.

Another amazing feature of PhoneGap is ‘Build’, which is a cloud compiler of Phonegap, it allows a developer to mould a heavy and fully customized app. Additionally, the massive community base of PhoneGap offers great support to the developers in solving app development related queries.

React native

React native is a popular opensource JavaScript framework created for mobile app development. The framework has earned over 81,253 stars on Github and is trending on top in the list of Hybrid app development frameworks of 2020. The main feature of React Native is to build mobile apps in Javascript. Established by Jordan Walke, React Native is preferred for building mobile apps with minimum effort. It offers supportive community forums where developers can share their experiences and can clear doubts and queries. The react native is a newer and faster hybrid app development platform, a top choice for creating beautiful hybrid apps.

Onsen UI

Onsen UI is an open-source framework that is well equipped for creating hybrid mobile apps. A hybrid application development company is capable of making incredible apps using various features of Onsen UI. This framework provides an array of tools ranging from the tabs side menu, stack navigation, screen transition, etc. With Onsen UI, a developer can easily make hybrid apps working on the same source code. Onsen Ui is easy to learn and has a community forum where developers can raise queries and participate in discussions. The framework is highly focused on the functionality of the application to make it user friendly for the users.


Ionic is one the most popular open-source framework that earned around 39,067 stars on Github. Ionic is an incredible framework for creating top-quality cross-platform apps. This prominent framework offers many tools such as a rich library, easy app creation, native functionalities and a lot of UI components to your amaze. With the help of the framework, developers can easily create fast working apps with a beautiful user-interface. Ionic has become a lucrative tool among mobile app development services that ensures attractive designs, easy learning, and helps developers creating beautiful looking hybrid applications.


Flutter is Google’s mobile UI framework designed to craft high-quality cross-platform apps and gained the third position on GitHub. This amazing framework is used for developing beautiful and engaging apps that users would love to use. It has an amazing standard library of widgets, beautiful UIs, incredible documentation, fast compile-time, and many more features. All these features make Flutter a popular framework among big brands and mobile app developers. The framework is used for developing top quality mobile applications and offering incredible tools ranging from prototyping, lesser coding and enriched set of widgets.

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is known for providing essentials tools that you may not find in Bootstrap 3 such as switches, overlays, sidebars, scrollable areas, etc. The framework offers an extension to bootstrap 3 and an angular framework for developing mobile apps. Further, Mobile angular work smoothly and provide better user experience with fastclick.js and overthrow.js.

Why Hybrid apps are best?

Hybrid apps run on both iOS and Android operating systems. Besides, it has many advantages over native apps. Here we are listing some of the benefits of hybrid apps:

• A hybrid app has reduced development time as it is can run on multiple platforms.

• Low development cost compared to native apps because it fastens the development process with a set of libraries. Hybrid applications can work perfectly offline.

• The hybrid apps reach users at a massive level


A hybrid application is a lucrative medium for the businesses due to low cost mobile app development. For building an incredible application for your business, you can choose any framework from the list. However, the React Native framework has become a top choice for hybrid mobile application development in recent years and preferred by many brands around the world. You can Hire a react native development company for creating an incredible hybrid application for your business.

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