What are the best clubs in Ibiza? Your answer may depend on your taste in parties since the White Isle continues to change and evolve. Whether you want to fist-pump to big room beats and fireworks.

1. Amnesia Ibiza
Once the estate of a wealthy Spanish family, this 5,000-capacity institution has been a favored home for dance artists since the '80s. It features a custom sound system, “ice cannons,” and two rooms including an enclosed greenhouse terrace where partiers dance into the sunrise.

Monday: Cocoon Ibiza

Tuesday: Together

Wednesday: HYTE

Thursday: Cream Ibiza

Friday: Music On

Saturday: Matinee / Foam & Diamonds w/ Paris Hilton

Sunday: House of Madness / People From Ibiza

2. DC-10

The party goes down in an old converted estate just off the edge of the Ibizan airport runway. The 1,500-capacity terrace is housed in what was once an airplane hangar.

Monday: Circoloco

Wednesday: Paradise

3. Destino

Part of the Pacha enterprise, this upscale resort sits cliffside and offers beautiful vistas of the Mediterranean Sea.

4. Eden

Eden just finished a fresh round of renovations and is opening to the public with a state-of-the-art sound system perfect for catering to the club's renowned underground events.

Monday: Mansion

Tuesday: HY-PA

Wednesday: Baccanali

Thursday: Faction

Fri: Judgement

Sat: Sintillate

Sun: Eden Sundays

5. Heart

Heart wants to be the center of your cultural experience, so it offers delicious dining and live performance art alongside its nightlife attractions. It's run by chef brothers Ferran and Albert Andrià, and Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté.

Thursday: OpenLab

Friday: Boogie in Wonderland

Sunday: Acid Sundays

6. Pacha Ibiza

It opened in 1973 in the heart of Ibiza Town and continues to be one of the best-known clubs in the area. Pacha offers a VIP-centric experience that attracts the rich and famous, and those who want to be near them.

Monday: Flower Power

Tuesday: Mosaic by Maceo

Wednesday: Martin Solveig / My House

Thursday: F*** Me I'm Famous

Friday: Insane Presents

Saturday: Pure Pacha / Paris By Night

7. Privilege

Party in the place the Guinness World Records says is literally the "world's largest nightclub.” It's got a swimming pool, open-air dance floors.

8. Space Ibiza

Awarded the best global club honors four times by the International Dance Music Awards, this mega-club hot spot is one of the oldest and largest in town. It's also being taken over by Ushuaia management next season. The party must rage on.

9. Ushuaia

An open-air beachside party spot well known for glamorous dancing girls and top-notch VIP treatment. It helped make daytime parties popular on the island, and it's got a pool.

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