Even if everything is carefully planned and rehearsed, things can go wrong on your wedding day. How to prepare and respond - advises the wedding planner. Let's be honest, not a single big event can do without surprises, so the first and main advice: do not worry. Whatever it is, the main thing is a holiday, and everything that is “wrong” will remain in your memory only as funny details.

The bride should never be the "think tank" of the wedding. If the young did not hire a professional, it is better to entrust the main moments of the solemn day to someone close and responsible - mother, sister, or close friend. You can share responsibilities: for example, ask the groom's friends to help organize car parking, and mom to meet guests at a restaurant while the newlyweds go for a photo shoot.

What should be on hand at the wedding?
- Cosmetic bag. Mattifying wipes, foundation, powder, mirror, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and deodorant - perhaps the most necessary tools.
- Mini-first aid kit with antihistamines and sedatives, as well as a band-aid and wet wipes.
- A needle, light and dark threads, a small brooch or hairpin - in case of an urgent “repair” of the outfit of the bride, groom, or one of the guests.
- Some cash. It is never superfluous, after all, you can leave them for tea or order a taxi for yourself and your guests.
- Sense of humor and ingenuity. These two magical "elements" will help you cope with the most unexpected moments that can happen during the celebration.

Beyond that, it's always good to have a "plan B" in case of unforeseen events, to prevent mishaps - from weather surprises to the wrong name on the wedding cake. In this article, we have gathered seven unpleasant surprises at the wedding and how to avoid them.

1. The weather has changed
The most unexpected and at the same time the most obvious thing that can happen is a change in the weather when instead of bright sun in June, you see a thunderstorm with thunder. So that this doesn’t overshadow the holiday, it is worth considering in advance two scenarios for the event, for example, for an off-site registration ceremony, so that everything can be easily moved to the terrace or indoors.

For a photo shoot, it is always best to have the freedom to maneuver and discuss different locations with the wedding photographer - then the newlyweds are guaranteed pleasant photos regardless of the weather. If you caught a surprise during the shooting, consider non-standard options, they will only give the wedding a personality: a gas station, the nearest cafe, and a trolley bus are suitable as scenery, or you can, in the end, dance and kiss in the rain - like in a movie.

2. Everything is behind schedule
The newlyweds are late for the registry office, the car rental is running out, and is there a risk of not being able to make it to the photoshoot. No panic. The most important thing, perhaps, is to be on time for registration. If this is not possible, be sure that the registry office workers will most likely meet halfway and accept the lovers even late, the main thing is to ask one of the guests on the spot to report the delay.

An ending car rental, as a rule, can be extended, this is not the rarest overlay, but it is always better to pay the maximum rental time in advance (that is, add two to three hours to the estimated timing), having previously agreed on the return of unused funds.

3. The photographer did not arrive or is late
If a photo shoot in the planned interiors jeopardizes the rest of the schedule, and there was no photographer with a camera at the ready among the guests, the only option is to shoot not staged shots, but what is happening here and now. Worried phone calls, a sprint to the registry office, hasty gatherings of guests, etc.

Live photos with loved ones will help to keep pleasant memories even of the tense and exciting minutes of this important day, and beautiful shots in the spirit of a love story can be captured on another day - with a more punctual photographer.

4. Makeup could not stand the strain
In this case, a little "under-" is always better than "over-". If there are no cosmetics at hand to correct, for example, lip makeup, then it is better to completely wipe off the lipstick. To temporarily give your lips a neat and healthy look, lip balm or a regular cream will help. A drop of foundation will help get rid of the effect of "smeared" lipstick.

You can remove excess shine from your face with an ordinary napkin. For this, you need to divide it into thin layers and gently blot your face: the excess will be absorbed into the napkin and your face will remain fresh as if makeup had just been applied. And it would be most reasonable to try the make-up in advance - and, having looked like a day in it, make sure that the eyeliner doesn’t imprint on the upper eyelid, the mascara doesn’t crumble, and the highlighter doesn’t make the face look like a pancake.

5. The hairstyle is damaged
If a high hairstyle could not stand the fun, it is better to simply let your hair down - they will keep the desired volume due to reliable fixatives, and you can give a shape by slightly moistening your hands with water. And it’s always good to think outside the box: the situation can be corrected and the hair” can be decorated with the help of a ribbon from the bouquet, and the fallen curl will hold the napkin clip used as a hairpin.

If by the end of the evening the curls have “fallen off”, you can use them to braid a voluminous braid, decorating it with fresh flowers from the presented bouquets. You can elevate your hair with photo accessories: lips “on a stick” or the inscription “love” stuck in a sloppy bun will look funny and cute.

6. The newlyweds forgot their rings
Perhaps this is the worst thing you can do on your wedding day, but even here everything is fixable. If the newlyweds are not superstitious, then you can borrow rings from friends or relatives. You can also offer the m to exchange memorable personal items: for example, the bride, as a sign of love and fidelity, can give the groom a memorable pendant, and the groom can give the bride a tie clip.

Anything can be symbolic: even a thin thread tied during the ceremony on each other's wrist, or candy foil wrapped around a finger will temporarily replace wedding rings. In the end, the main thing is not the accessory itself, but what they symbolize.

7. The inscription on the cake is different
The situation is not pleasant, but not hopeless. If the wrong names were written in the pastry shop or instead of “Happy Together” they brought out the “Congratulations on Retirement” cream, it is better to remove the top layer of the cake altogether, and instead decorate it with berries or fresh flowers, which will probably be at hand.

An important tip: a professional organizer should definitely tell not only about what the newlyweds like, but also about what they categorically reject: this will help to avoid unpleasant moments. All the little things are important, just in case, it is worth mentioning even the fact that the bride is afraid of butterflies, and the groom is allergic to honey.

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