Top 5 weight loss supplements
Weight gain is a serious problem confronted by today’s generation. Increasing stress and overloaded schedule have taken us away from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Consequently, over weight causes many serious health problems like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer.
It may difficult to maintain a constant exercise program in a busy schedule, however there are various other ways by which one can lose weight even without exercising. These ways include eating the right food and including certain food in the diet, which are known to initiate weight loss. Such foods are also known as weight loss supplements, some herbs may also be included in the list.

Top weight loss supplements

  1. Resveratrol
  2. Resveratrol contributes to weight loss and slows down the process of aging. Resveratrol is found in blueberries, pomegranate, cranberries, and red grapes; it is a very powerful antioxidant and is known to boost the metabolism rate. Resveratrol keeps a check on the growth of fat cells and this is why consuming food rich in this antioxidant helps lose weight.

  3. Green tea
  4. Green tea is one of best weight loss supplements that contribute in your effort of weight loss. Buddhist monks first discovered the benefits of green tea in Japan and now the world recognizes the benefits of this herbal tea. Include at least two cups of green tea in your daily schedule to get maximum result. Green tea can be substituted for tea and coffee and must be consumed without milk or sugar. Along with having green tea, one must also do some physical workout to get fast result.

  5. Beta glucan
  6. Beta glucan is a soluble fiber that is found in abundant in in food like mushrooms, yeasts, and algae. This fiber is known for controlling the cholesterol level in the body and promoting weight loss. Soluble fiber accumulates all the toxins present in the intestine and helps in easy elimination of waste. If the elimination of waste does not happen in the appropriate way then that also contributes to weight gain. Therefore, mushrooms, yeasts, and algae are the excellent weight loss supplements and must be included in the diet.

  7. Protein enriched food
  8. Foods, which are high in protein, are very good in reducing weight. This is because protein controls the hunger craves and thus prevent a situation where one has to eat junk food. Protein also provides energy and keeps the body active for a long period. High protein food is best weight loss supplements and one must include them in their daily diet. It has been proved in a research that high protein breakfast helps in weight loss along with keeping one active all day long.

  9. Vitamin D
  10. Vitamin D promotes weight loss and increases the bone density. Vitamin D is manufactured in the body when is exposed to sunlight. There are some foods, which are very rich in vitamin D, for instance fish, salmon, egg, cod liver oil, milk, and cheese. These are natural weight loss supplements and promote good health and longevity as well.

These were some of the best weight loss supplements. If taken in the right amount the weight loss supplements will help a person lose extra calorie and provides good health.

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