Do you see how lucky you are? Just think about it for a minute! Being safe and alive in 2020 is like winning the evolutionary lottery. Apart from COVID-19, there are so many things to be grateful for.
We live during a time in our history when almost all human knowledge is within our holds at any given moment. With a few flicks of a finger, a search engine can become a doorway to the exciting world of learning. And it’s no surprise that online learning is booming all over the world.
The coronavirus outbreak that continues relentlessly has destroyed economies across all over the world, wrecking businesses as millions of people are forced to stay in to control the spread of the highly contagious virus. This staying in has pushed people deeper into the virtual world. They meet, connect, learn, work, dance or sing, celebrate joyous occasions and can even marry online!
But when it comes to learning, many people find that online education is the best option in times of COVID-19. For example, completing certification courses can typically be done at your own pace. This makes online learning a great option for people who cannot take out time from work!
Popular online courses are almost always more reasonable than traditional classroom courses, and some are even free! Most online courses are economical enough to pay out of pocket. This means there is no need for loans. Taking courses online also makes learning very easily accessible. You can access many online courses through multiple platforms, including PCs, tablets and smartphones.
Online courses provide a space for economic and thorough learning opportunities - be it business studies or marketing and everything in-between.
Whether you are looking for a new career or a new hobby, the internet is teaming with learning opportunities that you can pick up at the drop of a hat. On demand courses are operated at the pace of the learner’s choice with no fixed deadlines or due dates.

For instance, the education sector is transforming now. Long ago, school graduates were faced with two simple options; either to pursue further education, or to set their foot upon the career ladder by applying for either a trade or white-collar position.
However, life has now evolved dramatically (all thanks to COVID-19), and the digital landscape has disrupted education in an irreversible way.

Online learning removes the necessity for a physical space, for a stack of expensive books and equipment, or the requirement for stubborn learning patterns. Instead, online learning provides learners with freedom to take up and complete qualifications at any age, in any location, at a variety of levels, and for a range of qualifications. The ability to gain trainings online also means that learners are not restricted to awarding bodies in their home country. This opens up a realm of possibilities and the option to gain knowledge in the most niche of topics. Consider the way the world is moving - it is inevitable that new positions that didn’t exist even ten years ago are becoming the norm.

If you’d like to discover a course to help you boost your career, improve your language skills, or start a new hobby, take a look at our list of the top 05 courses trending online in 2020.

1.Web Design

What is the first thing you observe when you visit a website? For me, it’s the design. The way the website is designed. An imperfectly designed website is hard to look past for some people. Bad first impressions caused by poor design principles are an unnecessary risk for businesses to make. Web design is just as important to a company’s brand as their marketing. Many companies spend mountains of money trying to capture the latest logo design trends.

The online web designing courses are designed to teach students the basics of web design and coding techniques. Included with this specialization are courses covering multiple coding languages and App development. The course will help students create a design collection and prepare them for the marketplace! Needless to say, great idea to polish some skills, even think about teaching others about it. 
2.Soft Skills

Soft skills are skills that help you work well with others, they're important in today's workplace. Whether you want to improve your communication skills, think more creatively, develop leadership skills or work on etiquette, find a soft skills course to help you get ahead at work. Nearly every job involves collaborating with people. By improving your communication skills, you'll be better at collaborating on assignments, sharing information effectually, and negotiating with colleagues, clients or employers.
To lead people, you have to understand them. Want to apply for a promotion or take control of a new assignment or business opportunity? Developing skills like empathy, cultural intelligence, team work and decision-making could help you get there!
Develop valuable skills with an online soft skills course, wherever you are. Learn with expert professionals from top international universities and business schools! Network with working professionals from all over the world.
3.Artificial Intelligence
The demand for people with knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) hugely outshines the supply. This means that learning and gaining qualifications in such subjects can be a great way to augment your career prospects. However, not everyone has the standby time and money to spend years studying for a degree or other formal credentials.
These courses are intended at a range of different audiences – maybe you want to actually learn how to design and code AI algorithms, maybe you want to latch on to the increasing range of “Do-it-yourself” AI tools and services that are available, or maybe you need to handle AI projects in your organization. Whatever your needs, you are likely to find something online that will enlarge your horizons.

4.Nutrition and Health
People have become very health conscious over the last few years, and there is an endlessly rising volume of health-related information and media available on the internet.
People are now more informed, or at least aware, of the effects of food, lifestyle, and consumption on the human body. Also, with the increase in the number of individuals having some type of health-related illnesses due to poor lifestyle, many people are now more active in bettering their health.
Online courses specifying the process and effects of various types of diet, exercises, healthy lifestyles, and better health decision are in demand now. These online courses usually take on a lot more research and scientifically-backed processes and information. A lot of courses like these are available nowadays and can be taken up by anyone and everyone. For example, you could take up a course about diet and nutrition, meal planning or vegan cooking. There are many digital episodes freely available of celebrity coaches and nutrition experts guiding common man in building his health quotient during this lockdown days.
5.Social Science
With people now being more community-centric in their interactions both online and in real life, social science topics become more relevant.
Social science topics intent to help people develop or enhance communication, be it at work, online, school, or home life. Social science topics can also help provide a viewpoint on how society and communities work. These courses need wide research and a deep approach, providing students points to ponder or reflect on. Some of the topics are Critical thinking, Social psychology, Counselling and Economics.
Deep learning, home health care, time management, web design, programming, environmental science, database administration and training and development are among the fastest growing industries currently. The most popular online courses are the ones dedicated to building the workforce of the future. Whether it is the mental, social, physical or intellectual needs, Online learning is ensuring that the aspirants will continue getting nurtured with their appetite to learn and grow. Online learning is becoming a huge catalyst for people and organizations to help the adoption of this rapid change in the world. 
With so many online learning options available, it’s no surprise that there are so many popular online courses. Most platforms offer affordable and suitable courses which will help you learn about the fastest growing industries. Education is quickly becoming detached from the classroom boundaries. Online learning courses have become a essential part of today’s education for a safer today and better tomorrow for young or old, flawed or flamboyant, and the strongest or the mightiest!

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