There are many resorts all over the world that has amazing facilities for the tennis lovers. These resorts are also called Tennis Resorts. If you are a tennis lover then you will surely love to stay in the resort with world-class coaching and some premium tennis playing facilities. If you are planning for any holidays, then you can definitely look out for these hidden gems. Here are the top 5 such resorts that are an amazing treat to all tennis lovers:

Resort #1: Thanyapura (Phuket)

Of course, Phuket is one of the most renowned and popular destination for all the travel lovers. The Thanyapura is a hidden paradise for all the tennis lovers. It located amidst the tropical rainforest of Phuket. This place is surely a heaven for all the fitness and sports lovers. Besides some premium accommodations, it also offers fitness classes, mind training sessions and best in class tennis coaching program. This is one of the exotic resort offering the best value for money.

Resort #2: Gstaad Palace (Switzerland)

This is one of the best Tennis Resorts that attracts people all over the world. The main attraction of this place is playing tennis in the Swiss Alps as well as Roy Emerson Tennis Weeks. It also provides luxury accommodation to all the guests. This place serves as one of the best ski resorts too during the winter in Switzerland. But for the tennis lovers, the best time to visit is during the summer when the outdoor clay-court is opened. The weather remains amazing and greenery everywhere which transforms the entire place into a beautiful tennis resort right in the heart of Swiss Alps.

Resort #3: Paradis Beachcomber (Mauritius)

Mauritius being one of the top-rated destinations for the travel lovers can be your next stop for holiday. You can enjoy and experience the exotic Mauritius in your luxury vacation by the beach. You will also get daily tennis classes in this exotic getaway in the most beautiful island of the world. This resort provides the best tennis courts with the most beautiful scenic beauty with stunning turquoise water along the beaches.

Resort #4: Mauna Kea Beach Hotel (Hawaii)

This place is ideal for a relaxing and laid back holiday for the tennis lovers. They can enjoy the game by the beautiful beaches in Hawaii. Besides the luxury accommodations, you will never want to miss the opportunity to play tennis in this world-class tennis resort. This resort has a total of 11 tennis courts each overlooking the vast blue ocean. They offer daily premium tennis clinics and facilities which make this a perfect tennis paradise for all the tennis lovers around the globe.

Resort #5: The Omni Resort Amelia Island - Cliff Drysdale (Florida)

You must visit this place once if you are a tennis lover of all time. It hosts tennis camps for all ages and thus you will get the best tennis experience besides the five-star luxury. The Omni Resort in Florida is quite popular for its luxurious accommodations. Even the tennis programs and camps are organized by Cliff Drysdale on the site. You will get various facilities related to Tennis like regular events, daily clinics etc. Thus, this is one of the top-ranked tennis resorts in the world.

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