Every woman has either experienced or witnessed when a business relationship has gone wrong. Most of the time it sneaks up on you without any warning. Like when your business partner says she is leaving because she found something better somewhere (and with someone) else. Or how about being accused of not working hard enough when you are already putting in 70 hour weeks?

But are there warning signs? Signs that were there all along but you just didn’t notice?

Here are 5 signs (alarms) that the business relationship you thought you had has gone wrong:

1. They stop being around. You find yourself doing all the work and play. When things go wrong, you’re the only one there. When things go right you’re the only one there. You find your business partner is only thinking of herself leaving you out in the cold.

2. Memories don’t match up. Your recollection of how you started together isn’t the same as hers. She tells stories about how she did more, invested more, and cared more than you. When confronted with the discrepancy she argues on her aunt’s grave she’s right. And will defend it with her dying breath. You get the picture.

3. Grass is always greener ‘anywhere’ else. You start to hear things like, “So-and-so did it this way, why can’t you?” There begins to be a constant of how to do everything like the next person. What once was, “Hey this looks great” has now become, “What are you doing wrong?”

4. Talking stops. The communication has become tense, unemotional, and vague. There’s no more talk of new ideas, innovations or ways to improve. Nobody is sharing dreams anymore. Thoughts of expansion and growth cease.

5. Too many cooks in the kitchen. Your business partner seems to take it upon herself to ‘share’ the business struggles with everyone outside the business. You hear things second hand about problems your company is having. Of course, everyone means well, but who gave them permission to comment or butt in anyway? You begin to realize that what was once personal and confidential has become public knowledge, at least, to family and or friends that you preferred stayed out of your business.

Spotting the signs of when your business relationship is in trouble is the first step in correcting them. Trying to save something that was once good takes courage, awareness, work and commitment. If you find that through it all, the relationship is beyond salvage it’s best to cut ties before you and your business receive the total fallout from a broken relationship. There are better ones around the corner.

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Influence and persuasion expert, Karen Keller, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist and Master Certified Coach with over 25 years of experience. She focuses on women's leadership and empowerment as well as executive, personal, relationship and life coaching. She is also a successful entrepreneur and author. Her other areas of specialization include mentoring, sales techniques, success skills, intuition, body language, management development training, motivational speaking, and corporate training. Discover Influence It! Real POWER for Women now! For your free subscription visit http://www.karen-keller.com.