A portal is a platform that enables role-based access to your Dynamics CRM, eliminating the need for you to personally handle each interaction. Portals allow customers to independently access relevant information and take necessary actions, enhancing efficiency and customer experience.

Portals empower your customers by granting them access to personalized data, significantly enhancing user autonomy and satisfaction. Dynamics 365 Portals are equipped with features that can turn customer satisfaction into a strong point for your business.

If your business handles interactions with hundreds or thousands of customers daily, implementing Dynamics 365 portals can be particularly beneficial. Here are additional reasons why choosing Dynamics 365 portals could be advantageous for your business.

  1. Easy Setup

Portals are useless if they are complex and do not align with your specific business requirements. That is why Dynamics 365 portals are pre-configured, allowing you, the business owner, to tailor them with just a few clicks.

You have the option to engage a developer experienced in creating Dynamics portals or to contract a company specializing in portal development. They can assist in customizing your portal and integrating additional features to suit your workflow.

  1. Robust Authentication and Flexible Permissions

Dynamics 365 portals offer you complete control over access permissions, allowing you to decide whether to permit guest users or restrict entry to only registered users. The portal utilizes Azure AD authentication, ensuring that only authorized customers can gain entry. Additionally, you have the flexibility to integrate any other authentication system that suits your business needs.

The portals also support role-based access for both customers and employees; therefore, they can grant guest users different permissions from those granted to registered users. This way, you will have in the process only those who have the required rights to access sensitive information, therefore reducing the chances of an attempt or a breach to a great extent.

  1. Reduce Incoming Tickets

Most of the time, the customer would like to resolve issues by themselves, but they cannot find the required information. Dynamics 365 Customer Portal with an intuitive feature guides customers to search knowledge base articles, videos, blogs, and other relevant contents based on the search keywords.

This proactive way assists customers in finding the solution even before they are supposed to raise a query. The portal is designed to ensure advanced search so that direct access to required specific information can be obtained.

However, in cases where the customer does not find a solution using the offered resources, they can open a ticket by pressing a button. This ticket is then automatically routed to the correct service representative, ensuring a homogenous support experience.

  1. Community Forums

Offering a community forum on your portal has benefits beyond boosting customer engagement. Community forums can also be a source of increased interaction with your brand. After all, they allow customers the much-needed platform to air their views, concerns, and questions regarding the products and services offered by you. 

Beyond fostering engagement, community forums serve as a valuable data source. Customer discussions about your products can reveal insightful information regarding their experiences, expectations, and perceptions of your competitors' offerings. This rich pool of data is instrumental for understanding customer needs and preferences, allowing you to tailor your strategies effectively.

Acting on this feedback not only helps in fine-tuning your offerings but also positions your brand as the preferred choice for customers, ultimately winning their loyalty and trust.


Dynamics 365 portals have everything that a business would need to run its operations online effectively. It is a powerful, flexible, and secure platform that brings state-of-the-art innovations together to enable automation. These portals are helpful in freeing the employees from monotonous tasks and, as such, these contribute to improving the productivity of the employee. First is the manifold benefits accruing to your business through an increase in customer experience and hence, satisfaction. It is quite cumbersome to retain customers towards your brand in a competitive market. Make the Dynamics 365 customer portals a natural extension of your strategy and see your business performance and customer relations scale up to the next level.

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