According to statistics, the average person will hold between 5 – 15 jobs in their lifetime with at least two major career changes. A career change after 50 is not a far-fetched idea and is becoming a normal occurrence in North America. With a new focus on career: life balance, lay-offs due to economic downturns and career burn out, many professionals are looking to other career options to satisfy not only their income levels, but also their quality of life. Whether you are making a change because of economic reasons, or you are simply looking for something new, there are some great career change options waiting for you.

1. Business Consultant
Becoming a business consultant after 50 is an excellent career choice for professionals looking for a franchise business opportunity. Business Coaching is known by many names: business consulting, executive coaching, mentor, etc. It is the perfect career for those who have about 10-15 years of executive or management experience. Business consultants who own their own franchise are able to work their own preferred hours, set their own salary and become an integral part of many business’ successes.

2. Freelance Professional
Becoming a freelancer is an easy career change. It is a “working from home” option and one that many people find rewarding. Freelance or contract jobs include everything from marketing consultants to photographers to IT professionals. This type of job enables a person to work where they want, when they want. And it also allows for the chance to have as much time in between jobs as needed.

3. Service Industry
Many retired people are now looking to a service oriented job working with people to get them out of the house and make some money too. People everywhere are leaving their life-careers to take jobs in libraries, supermarkets and major hardware store chains. For many people, it is a simpler, quieter job where you can work shorter hours and “leave your work at work” so to speak. Many of these positions start at above minimum wage and offer a full benefits package.

4. Direct Sales
This is a career that is booming big time in the new millennium. More often referred to as Home Party Consultants, this career tends to draw mostly women, although men have been know to throw their hats into this area of work as well. This is truly a career for those who are focused on getting out of the house and setting their own pay-rates. The ceiling is limitless for those who give it their all and the choices are almost endless as well. Home Party Consultants can promote and sell anything from wine to candles and everything in between. Some of the most popular options are: jewelry, home items, children’s toys, dips and spices, and clothing. A consultant can do as many parties as he or she chooses and carve out their own niche.

5. Your Dream Job
Most people have a “dream job” that they fantasize about most of their lives. Few people are fortunate enough to work at the career they fantasize about for one reason or another. But if you are over 50 and looking for something fulfilling, why not consider that as a viable option? Becoming the manager of a non-profit organization, or teaching at the local college, or starting your own photography business is not an unattainable goal. Many people decide to become an entrepreneur in this stage of life and simply do things the way they’ve always wanted to. All it takes is some capital, and some passion.

All of these careers do have some things in common: all, except the service position, allow a person to set their own pay, have flexible hours and work from home. And all, except the service position, require hard work and a passion for what you’re doing. There won’t be a guaranteed paycheque and there will be some major leg-work and research involved. But the benefits of doing what you want to do after 50 far outweigh and perceived disadvantages.

Author's Bio: 

Lilly Gordon is a freelance writer and publisher. She writes on a variety of topics including business opportunities, the economy, and becoming a business consultant.