Nicaragua is indeed a fishing destination and if you are a keen fisherman or planning a fishing vacation this year in Central America, then Nicaragua is the best place. You can try out a wide range of Nicaragua fishing techniques in the most exotic water found here in Nicaragua.

You will not only get to explore catching a plenty of fish in different sizes and shapes but would also love being around the lovely landscapes. These landscapes with tropical rainforests and volcanoes are going to surprise you every now and then.

Now you may be thinking why Nicaragua is known as a fishing destination that stands out from the other equally impressive fishing destinations. Well, some of the places here make it ideal for fishing and there is no doubt you are going to get a different Nicaragua fishing experience altogether during your vacation.

You can simply unleash the top 5 fishing destinations in Nicaragua to make your vacation memorable. Let us browse through them.

1 ) The Caribbean Sea
Some of the Best Fishing in the World
Nicaragua is well known about the Caribbean area of the country that It said that is almost unknown. For the sports fisherman shows similar adventures as the West Coast of Africa were Monster Tarpon fish inhabits.
Fish for the atlantic Tarpon in the River´s Mouths of the jungle where they meet the sea, this a unique adventure If you really want to discover what Nicaragua Fishing has really to offer a visit the Caribbean Sea of this country is a must.

Some of the Best Fishing in the World

2 ) Río San Juan

It is one of the amazing fishing attractions in Nicaragua known for sports fishing. You will get fish in abundance and what makes it special is a combination of salt water as well as freshwater fish. Your passion for fishing is incomplete if you do not visit this place.

3 ) San Juan del Sur

It is a small community along seaside that offers the phenomenal Nicaragua fishing experience. You would certainly love this place for fishing around as you will go crazy catching striped Marlin, blue and black Marlin as these species are available in abundance. These fish are caught throughout the year, but January and February are noted as the slowest times. Do not worry as you can catch this prized and amazing sports fish from May to September.

Interestingly, Blue Marlin is known to be one of huge fish among female being, which is larger in size than its male counterpart.

4) Puesta del Sol

It is a small town that offers amazing marina facilities. It is a perfect place for offshore fishing and your water adventure close to nature will be a treat for you. Wake up early morning to explore the best sports fishing here. The place often has Billfish tournaments every year. If you are lucky to visit the place during that period, you will get to enjoy Nicaragua fishing here. It is a fisherman’s paradise that will make you fall in love with the place.

5 ) Corn Island

If we say you will go out to fish for your lunch. This sounds funny isn’t? Yes, for all true fishermen out there, this is the ideal destination for Nicaragua fishing that will not offer any high-tech motorboats, GPS radar or fishing gear. It will be a complete conventional method of fishing to discover. Yes, that is using hand lines attached to metal scraps, plastic bottles etc.

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