In the past years the market has developed in the direction of work surfaces by introducing next to natural stones and wood the stainless steel, the laminate, the glass, so when it comes about choosing a right worktop for your home the choice may easily become a hard one. In this case you have to know some things about the most popular, attractive and durable options for the kitchen work surfaces. The right work surface is kind of relative because it depends on every person. The fact is that the work surface you consider right to you should match your expectations with your needs and also to suit with your home decor. It has to be very practical but it has to be the resistance piece of your kitchen. Also you have to consider the time you want to look after them.

Stainless steel

This can be a great choice due to its ultra modern and clean look and also to its resistance to dirt, germs and bacteria. Another great thing about the stainless steel is that you don`t have to look after it because is easy to clean, to disinfect and is resistant to scratches and to rust.

The best and durable products from stainless steel are made in London, so if you consider buying one of these you can be sure that your kitchen will look great for many years without needing intervention or sealing.


This natural stone is well-known due to its variety of patterns and colours which will make this kind of work surface used for granite worktops to fit in any interior design scheme. Also, the best thing about buying the granite work surface for your kitchen is that this is a lifetime investment because it has high resistance to scratches, heat and it looks like new even if the years pass.

In order to keep this work surface as attractive as possible, it has been sealed once in ten years.


This can be a great alternative to granite at a cheaper price, which makes from it an affordable choice for everyone. It’s a very attractive material which can resist to scratches, heat damage, stains and impact damage. The quartz is the unique of the all natural stone which has no sealing required due to its non-porous surface. Like the granite, this material comes in a beautiful variety of patterns and colours so it can suit any interior design scheme you choose for your kitchen.


If you simply do not want to break the bank to buy a top material, you can consider the laminate work surface. It is the cheapest solution you can get and generally, the material mimics others such as natural stones and wood. The truth is that the laminate work surface will not have the charm of the natural stones or wood, but it can offer you a great look and also it is easy to maintain because it’s easy to clean and disinfect.


In terms of natural wood, beside the charm and the unique look that it offers to your kitchen it is also very functional, by being sanitary due to its properly sealing. You can put on in hot pans and pots having no worry about its look, because this kind of work surface is known for its resistance and durability. Using the wood work surfaces in your kitchen is a great way to bring warmth in your room and to give it a modern or a traditional style, depending on what you desire.

So, when you decide it’s time to make a change in your kitchen make sure you have looked after the pros and cons for every material, from stainless steel to granite and also that you have settled your priorities. Your finance also plays an important part in the right choice that matches your expectations and your needs.

Whatever you choose for your home, you have to be happy with your decision and to be confident that you have correctly balanced the pros and cons for every material and that is the best you could do. In fact, the material doesn’t have to be from the top of the price ranking to be the best one. It’s all about priorities.

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