Whenever you’re working with an electric system, you should always consult a professional technician who would ensure the safety of you and your family. The precaution is especially necessary when you’re working with a setup that will be exposed to the environment, such as garden lighting. 

Lighting up a garden may prove to be beneficial for you in a number of ways. It would not only accentuate your property and show the best features of your lawn. Most importantly, it will keep potential hazards like burglary at the bay by lighting up the house premise. Garden lighting is in fashion, and some of the best trends of garden lighting according to experts are:

  • Festoon Lights: String lights, festoon lights and festival lights come in many shapes and sizes. So choose your option wisely. They come in lantern shapes for Halloween and globe or star-point lights for Christmas. Installing festoon lights will give your garden a character and lighten up your yard in case of a party or gathering.
  • Bulkheads: Bulkhead lighting is just perfect for an outdoor setting. Depending on what shape and style you use, they may give the garden an ambience of a cozy cabin. These lights are waterproof and emit a soft but visibly bright glow that may illuminate a large area at once. 
  • Spotlights: Spotlights may be used to accent all the features in your garden beautifully. Spotlights are uni-directional and can only illuminate through a straight axis. They can make the elements of your patio more apparent and can also be used to create shadows in creative ways. Therefore, these lights are a perfect choice for your garden. 
  • Line Lighting: Lighting up the garden with line lighting is an excellent idea because they not only give your garden a heavenly look but also illuminate potential threats and functions. Installing line lighting at the sides of the paths will guide your steps in the dark and account for better foot traffic. It can also be coupled with water bodies to light up the water surface. According to experts performing lighting installation services at Greenbank, line lighting is one of the most trending lighting options in 2020.
  • Ground lights: Ah! These are the good old ground lights which will not go out of fashion for another 100 years. Ground lights often equate to elegance and aesthetic. As a rule of thumb, they have to be kept at six to eight feet apart when installing by the side of a pathway. When appropriately spaced, these high voltage lights provide you with an excellent way to light up a path or accent hazards like slopes or drop-offs. 

These are a few kinds of lights with which you can use to illuminate your garden to make it look more beautiful. You can put small bulbs in empty milk bottles and make DIY lanterns on the go. However, please contact the professionals on the run before you make a move yourself, because DIY attempts at lighting may put your home and the garden premises in danger. If you have any doubt or queries, you can clear them with the experts who perform lighting installation services at Brisbane on a daily basis.        

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An expert among the lighting installation services at Brisbane and chief electrician at the lighting installation services at Greenbank, the author runs a blog about current trends on electrical systems and devices.