Creating a winning lead generation strategy is a key step to achieving your growth goals. As we know, attracting new customers to your business is a pretty daunting task. Doing it sans a well-documented, solid strategy will make the task even a lot more harder.

Knowing your goals and objectives is not enough. You need to have a plan, write down what you want to achieve and how to achieve them. To help you with that, below are five crucial points to keep in mind.

1. Your target market

Know who is the ideal prospect for your product offer. What’s her or his projected income level? Why does she or he need your products? How can your product meet her needs? You have to ensure that you have a clear definition of a qualified lead that you communicate to your sales and marketing departments.

2. Building a prospect list

You need to acquire the ability to build and improve your prospects’ list on the fly. No matter how good or large the numbers of your list, they still remain just that – a list of names you’ll have to work on using effective strategies to get a high conversion.

3. Offers with escalating value

This is one the most effective marketing tactics that successful marketers love to use. Usually you offer a prospect a freebie on the initial contact. On the following call, you offer a free or discounted trial of your product or service.

4. A compelling marketing message

Evaluate your existing marketing message and find out if it’s still effective to engage prospected customers and create a buying interest in your product. Get a list of the top benefits of buying your product or using your service, and exploit them in your marketing campaign to educate the consumers why they need it.

5. Follow-up tactics

This could be the most crucial part of your entire lead generation plan. Your follow up tactics alone can great ramp up your sales stat sheet. So you have to be sure to identify which best follow through strategies that work best for your business, and use them effectively when reaching out and establishing relationships with prospects.

Final thoughts

Get more from your lead generation campaign by optimizing your strategic client acquisition plan. It always pays to have in place a solid map that will keep you and whole marketing team on track to get the results you want.

Author's Bio: 

Jam Dwade is an expert in client acquisition program and call center services outsourcing. He's currently working with Live2Sell as the company's sales lead generation consultant. He also loves to blog about outsourcing in his spare time.