Have you ever wonder to have flat belly and make your clothes looked more graceful on you? Undoubtedly you need a little change in your lifestyle to lose the flab around your tummy. Stomach fact can result in negative effects on your health if you do not deal it at the right time. So, if you are serious about losing belly fat, then Lean Belly Breakthrough program gives you the 5 best exercise tips at home that help to reduce your stomach fat naturally.

1. Upper Abdomen Crunches

The best way to reduce belly fat is through the Crunches. But. Most of the people think it’s easy to do Crunches. But, they made a lot of mistakes while doing it. So, this article will tell you the exact way how to do it.
First, you lay down on your back, open your legs. Bend your knees with flat feet on the ground. Open your shoulders lift your hands; put your hands on the back slightly below the neck. Your head has to be on your palms and thumbs behinds your ears. You should look up at the ceiling and your shoulders should be straight up towards the ceiling. Always remember there has to be a little gap between your chin and the neck while doing crunches. Then leave your lower abdomen tight and contracted. Now, inhale, lift your shoulder slightly above while exhaling and inhale when you going down. Make sure your arms do not bend while crunches. The lower abdomen should be tightly engaged and squeezed.
If you are a beginner you can do three sets of repetition daily.
Tip: You can also do this crunch by crossing your hand over the chest.

2. Middle Abdomen Crunches

In this, while lying down, bend your knees, lift your hands and put your hands right below the back of yours. Breathe in moves your knees towards your chest while breathing out. The breath in again and repeat this step for around 10 times for the beginners.
If you have any back problem then consult your doctor first.

Tips: For the beginners, don’t go too much away from the floor. Go with your pace.

3. Lower Abdomen Crunches
This part of the belly is the most important as most of the fat accumulated here.
Your lower abdomen has to be strengthened and straight. Put your hands back at the lower abdomen. Slightly bend your knees, inhale and move your legs up facing towards the ceiling and breathe out. And then bring your legs down, inhale and do this repetition again.

For beginners, start with the three sets of twelve repetitions daily.

Tip: You can also do it by lifting one leg while second leg straight on the floor

4. Single Leg Jackknife

Lay down. Your legs and back are straight on the floor. Now put your arms behind you straight on the floor and inhale. Lift your left leg with the slightly bend knee and lift your right arm. Then join the left leg and right arm. Your right arm should get as close as possible to the left leg toes while breathing out. Then go back to your first position, inhale and lift your right leg and left arm and bring them close to each other. While doing the oblique workout, you should move your shoulders not your neck. The neck has to be straight and you should look up to the ceiling. You should maintain a particular distance between the neck and the chin.

Start this exercise with three sets of ten repetitions.

Tip: Have a focal point while doing single leg jackknife to maintain a proper distance between your chin and chest.

5. Leg Drops
For this, you have to lay down straight on your yoga matt or other matt. Then, spread your arms on the floor straight. Inhale. Pull you’re both legs straight upwards towards the ceiling while breathing out. Bring your legs down straight to the floor while breathing in.
For the beginners, do this lean belly exercise with three sets of ten repetitions daily. After one week, you can increase the workout duration.

Tip: You can cross your ankles against your chest if you feel more comfortable with it.

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