In today's modern era, tradition is getting easily blended with modernity. This blend is clearly visible in almost everything we are buying today. Sofa sets are no exceptions. You can easily choose nice sofa sets to enhance the beauty of your living room. Among many variety, carved sofa sets are largely used nowadays. There are carved sofa set suppliers who provide you with a wide variety of designs with beautiful colour combinations. Here are top 5 carved sofa set designs which will entirely transform your living room and make it look absolutely fantastic.

1.Classic Sofa Set – Just as the name, these sofa sets are really classic both in design and colour. Generally, these come with a seating arrangement of 10 people i.e. 10-seater, which looks fabulous in a comparatively bigger living room. However, if you contact with good Carved Sofa Set Suppliers, you can always customise the design as per your need, for example, you can customise it to 6-seater or 4-seater. The colour combination may vary from one supplier to the other. Usually, it is seen that classic sofa sets with light colour combination are sold much because it really looks classy.

2.King Sofa Set – These are carved sofa sets with a royal look and feel. The design and the colour combination will truly make these sofa sets look royal. Mostly these are made up of high-quality teak wood, hence, are very strong and durable. It looks best in a bigger living room. Generally, there are golden touch for this particular model, in all the designs which are available with different carved sofa set suppliers.

3.Rajwara Sofa Set – Similar to king sofa set, Rajwara sofa sets come with beautifully designed side rest and back rest. Made up of high-quality wood and raw materials, these sofa sets are quite heavy and durable. They are beautifully polished to give the best shine with touches of golden colour in almost every design. They can easily be used for generations without making it look back dated or old fashioned.

4.American Sofa Set – These sleek designed sofa sets look perfect for a smaller living room. They are comparatively light weight than king and rajwara sofa sets, yet too elegant and classy. Good carved sofa set suppliers use high quality raw materials to give it durability. The designs are quite simple yet trendy, though it can always be customized like any other sofa set.

5.Marina Sofa Set – Marina sofa sets come with a combination with deep and lighter shades. They are available in a wide variety of designs and colour combinations. These can look perfect for a bigger living room, whereas, if customised, then can easily look perfect for even a smaller living room as well.

Apart from these designs, there are number of other designs available with carved sofa set suppliers. You can buy these Sofa Sets Online as well as by visiting the store. Always choose a well-reputed carved sofa set supplier for best quality and designs. Also, they will provide you sofa sets at a very reasonable price.

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