SEO is quite a tricky subject. A right SEO company in London can skyrocket your sales and traffic whereas a wrong one will let you down. Getting your head around technical aspects like link building, on-site SEO, PPC, Analytics and Social Media are quite difficult.

Stop boggling your mind and go through these wonderful tips that will help you is selecting a decent company for your work.

List of Crucial Features

Start your SEO plan by hiring the best SEO agency in London with these qualities:

1. On-site SEO

However good the interiors are, the foundation of your store will decide its quality. The same is the case with SEO. Work on the great foundation of your website by ticking on the following things:

▶ URL Structure

▶ Unique website content

▶ Bot accessibility

▶ Internal link architecture

▶ Sitemaps

▶ Responsive server codes

These technical words may sound scary, but they will become the most sorted things if you have access to the right agency. The SEO experts will run deep research on your website and find out the faults in your foundation within an hour or so.

2. Delete spam Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important strategy of the SEO strategy. Placing links or backlinking your website to the relevant directories is beneficial while on the other hand, placing links at the spam websites can ruin your system. Google can put a penalty on your website for this.

Google Search Console can give access to your website’s “Search Traffic” and you can check the “Links to your website”. You can check your linked content from here. Getting at this point will get you access to the latest links to your website.

An Excel file will pop up which contains all the backlinks pointing back to your website. If you notice a large number of backlinks, make sure to clear it all.

3. Unique website content

Duplicate and directionless content will take your website nowhere. You won’t be able to attain your true rankings this way. Duplicate content not only stops your website from crawling but affects your user base as well.

The user will immediately come to know that your content is not up to the mark.

Search engines will find your website manipulative if you use duplicate content. Repetitive content can affect your website adversely.

The best SEO services in London will provide precise and unique content so that you may get deliberate quality.

4. Local SEO

Businesses use addresses and ratings to reach towards the top of the search engines. It is performed with the help of Google My Business pages.

Check with the following Google My Business measures:

▶ Verify the name, address and contact details of your business.

▶ Update your latest pictures.

▶ Allow customers to text you.

▶ Develop a practical strategy with your user reviews.

5. High Standard Backlinks

Google’s algorithm foundation works on Backlinks. For a reliable website structure, you should focus on better quality backlinks.

A backlink is a quality and reliable hyperlink that redirects to your website. Focus on quality and not quantity.

Quality links will improve the domain authority of your website.

Take all these important aspects into account before making the decision. SEO of your website cannot be planned in one day but it is a long-term procedure. Increase your web traffic with a reliable SEO partner.

Author's Bio: 

Rajeev Nar is the founder of a digital agency in London. He is a certified Magento developer and loves to share his views on different tech innovations.