Everyone wants to look her or his best always. Maybe not at 6:00 am before breakfast, but by the time you go out the door for work or school, most people want to look presentable if not attractive. More than that, you don’t want to be wearing 1970s hair and makeup now that we are well into the new millennium. Retro might be in, might be camp or funny, but not all the time.

So, what are the trends for 2018?

Foundations for Looking Good
Clean and clean skin is always attractive and in-style in any age. The problem is that it isn’t necessarily easy to achieve. Allison Owens of Unsullyd has some interesting and effective ideas for keeping your skin looking good, no matter your age. It begins with good nutrition, nourishing your skin from the inside out, followed up with a gentle pore-cleansing routine and a good moisturizer for those who have dry skin. Astringents can help those with oily skin. Clean skin, not always easy to achieve in this age of air pollution, is the beginning of beauty.

Applying Foundation
Never apply makeup directly on bare skin. That makes it hard to remove later and makes it more difficult to apply smoothly. Always apply moisturizer first, preferably with a good sunblock. While a little sun is good, sun damage can make your skin old before its time.
Apply cover stick or covering foundation with your foundation makeup.

Blend foundation colors at the edge so that it doesn’t look as if you are wearing a mask – unless you are dressing for a costume party and are going for a special effect. Use slightly darker or rosier shades of foundation to help sculpt your face’s appearance.

The “in” look for this year is moist and alive, so avoid excessive use of powder or drying pancake makeup.

The Eyes Have It
“It” is that undefinable something that draws attention. This year, eye-makeup can run from “barely there” makeup approaches such as brushed eyebrows and a little mascara, to bold applications of unusual color and even pasted on glitter or tiny gems. Unless you are a model or artist, barely there is best for the workplace. Save the bolder looks for being out on the town after work.

Focus on the Lips
Again, style can range from a light application of gloss to bold, bright colors. Look for shades that work well with your skin. If you are going for moderate eye makeup, you can get a little more extravagant with your lips. Or, if you want to play up that splashy eye makeup, you can stick to less vibrant lip colors.

Bring out the Real You
Remember, makeup is only to enhance and illuminate that which is already there, not to cover up the real you. Often, less is more. You will never go wrong with a look that is fresh, vibrant and natural no matter how your features are arranged. Remember, you are beautiful.

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