Although most people think that the hardest part of our job is the creativity, the formation of words, or maybe the grammar, I think that many writers know this to not be the case. Unfortunately for most, the hardest part of being a writer is simply being productive. Writers’ block is a real thing! It happens so easily and so frequently. You have moments where you get lost in your articles, but just about every other moment is spent looking around, biting your nails, writing a “to do” list, or checking Facebook.

Since this problem is so prominent for the majority of writers, tons of writers as well as others who have learned how to start a business have offered up advice. I have heard the typical “pretend you’re in an office and no one can bother you” and “create an outline first and do your research separately,” but this doesn’t work for everyone. I decided to research some of the most out-of-the-box ways that writers help increase their productivity. For many, these will sound crazy at first, but they work for some!

Improving Your Productivity the Unconventional Way

1. Standing Desk – Some writers find that a standing desk works best for them. At first, it might sound a little bit, well, terrible, but some find that this is a better alternative than sitting down all day. You are less relaxed when you are standing, so sometimes the mind actually works better. There are tons of studies that prove that businesses who ask employees to sit down all day are not healthy, so many writers opt for a standing desk.

2. Typing Tests – Most writers would never consider going out of their way to learn to type because they consider themselves great type-ers. However, some writers have found that once they improved their typing skills, their productivity improved. There were fewer mistakes, so there was less going back and fixing typos. Most writers recommend to help you figure out your typing accuracy. The website will give you lessons to help improve your typing. You may be surprised how much your typing skills can improve!

3. Darkroom and Writeroom Software – External distractions such as phone systems ringing or the dog barking can be solved by creating a quiet workspace. However, some writers have a very difficult time eliminating internal distractions, or distractions that occur on the computer. These distractions would include checking your Facebook feed, Twitter pop-ups, etc. Writers often cannot go offline because they need to research, so installing Darkroom software for windows or Writeroom software for Macs allow these distractions to be eliminated. In a sense, it blocks out everything except what you are writing.

The most important thing to remember is that productivity is important. If you can remain productive while at work, you will have more time to do the things you really want to be doing—spending time with family and friends, traveling, relaxing, etc. In other words, it doesn’t matter what you have to do to get there. As crazy or as strange as it may seem, it’s all about what works.

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Amanda DiSilvestro is the Editor-in-chief for Plan, Write, GO. She has been writing about all things digital marketing, both as a ghostwriter, guest writer, and blog manager, for over 10 years. Check out her blogging services to learn more!