Did you know that spare cigarette rolling papers can be used for various purposes? Yes, you have heard that right! It has been a couple of years since some stoners applying their creativity to get the most out of cigarette rolling papers. Perhaps there is no such smoker who doesn’t have a fascination for rolling papers. The perfect amalgamation of the paper texture and quality of the tobacco can take your smoking to a whole new level.

Similar to beauty or a cleaning product, rolling papers can be a viable alternative to many household products.

Feeling excited to explore them? Well, we have come up with a host of practical and real-life uses of cigarette rolling papers that can save your monthly expenses to some extent.

Let’s delve into the top 3 alternative uses of rolling papers.

Helps in Cleaning your Camera Lens

If you are a photo geek, you might want to capture the best of the best shots in your lens. For that, you might consider carrying lens cleansing strips in your camera kit as well. Now, you can clean the camera lens with a  tobacco rolling paper. As the papers are made up of fine particles of rice, they can be best used to wipe off dirt, blemishes or scratches from your camera lens.

Moreover, rolling papers work as a flash diffuser. If you want to give a try, take a piece of paper and fold it into equal halves. After that, put it on the flash and take the picture. It gives that mild effect on your photos and costs very less compared to the expensive camera accessories.

Absorbs Excess Oil in Your Skin

You might be surprised to know that rolling papers work like wonders to absorb that excess oil in your skin. No other material can be such a cheaper alternative for your skin, unlike rolling papers. If you are fighting with pimples and tired of the sticky texture of your skin, it's time to use these rolling papers. For a quick result, try using hemp papers which can control the excess oil and greasy look of your skin.

Moreover, hemp papers can go with any skin type as they are anti-allergic and reduce itchiness in the skin. They are durable and do not get damaged easily, making it a pure and hygienic product.

Moisture Absorbing Agent for Wind Instruments

Apart from its various alternative uses, customized rolling papers come with unique absorbent features. Most of the time, a rolling paper is used to absorb the moisture that gets accumulated between the joints and keypad.

Wind instrument players are often seen to place folded rolling papers either on their bottom or front portion of the teeth to protect their lips from cuts or injuries.

Final Words

Was the article helpful? If yes, do share the tips with your friends and relatives. The next time you use cigarette rolling papers, do not throw it away, instead preserve them and use it to the fullest.

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