Go to any bookstore and you are going to see lots of lovely single women to hit up on. It’s a casual atmosphere and great place to meet and attract single women for romance and relationships. Try these lines for starters:

1. See a woman looking for a book. Approach her and say, “Can I help you find a book?”
2. “Did you know your picture is in one of the books here? When she asks what book, you say, “I was looking at a book on angels and you’re picture was in it.”
3. “Would you like to meet for coffee sometime and talk about books and authors?”
4. “Excuse me, but can you recommend a good book to read?”
5. “Excuse me, is this book worth buying?”
6. Here’s a good one to use in college bookstores: “Can you recommend a good teacher for English 306?”
7. “Who’s your favorite author?”
8. When you see her looking at a book you’ve read say, “I’ve read that book. It’s really great!” Then, just start talking about the book and ask her out for coffee.
9. Grab one of those coffee table type books on gardens and approach her and say, “Would you like to see something really beautiful? Just look at this picture of a beautiful garden.”
10. Bring a book over to her and ask, “Can you tell me what this word means?” (Be sure and pick a difficult word so it seems realistic that you need help.)

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