Here is our list of the teams we believe have been superior to their counterparts in the league at determined years, let’s start with number 10.

1996 Green Bay Packers: Led by an outstanding quarterback in Brett Favre, this team managed to beat two power houses in the Cowboys and the 49ers at the divisional playoffs, and then defeated the Panthers to go against Bill Parcels’ Patriots, whom they defeated by 35-21, earning Favre his first and only championship ring, and also granting the franchise his first NFL title.

2010 Green Bay Packers: Now without Favre but with another fabulous quarterback setting the plays in Aaron Rodgers, this team went against the odds, and managed to defeat one of the favorites, the Falcons at the divisional playoffs, and then beat Chicago to advance to Super Bowl XLV where they faced Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers, whom they defeated by 31-25, obtaining the second NFL title in the history of Green Bay thanks to the talents of Favre’s pupil.

1985 Chicago Bears: They had to defeat the almighty Giants and the Rams at the playoffs to then advance to the Super Bowl and slaughter the Patriots by 46-10 with Mike Ditka as their couch.

1989 San Francisco 49ers: Sure, this franchise was the best one of the 80’s, but they were specially good during the last year of such decade, as Joe Montana played at his best and threw some unforgettable passes to Jerry Rice, who seemed to have become flawless. They had a phenomenal 14-2 record when they entered the playoffs and destroyed the Broncos by 55-10 at the Super Bowl.

1972 Miami Dolphins: They managed to go undefeated during their regular season, and they also beaten their opponents at the playoffs and the Super Bowl, becoming the first and only team so far to have done this.

2007 New England Patriots: It seemed unbelievable that these Pats were about to surpass Miami’s record as they had also gone undefeated during regular season, and they only had to come up with a victory against the Giants at the Super Bowl to do so, sadly for New England fans, they chocked, and were restrained by Eli Manning and company, allowing the Dolphins to continue to have their record intact.

1979 Pittsburgh Steelers: They were the undisputable best offensive team at the league at the time, with Terry Bradshaw throwing an outstanding 26 touchdowns. They accumulated just four defeats and beat the Rams at the Super Bowl by 31-19.

1971 Dallas Cowboys: Their offensive was impossible to beat thanks to the tactical skills of Coach Tom Landry, allowing this team to score more than forty points 5 times during the season. They advanced to Super Bowl VI and slaughtered the Dolphins by 24-3 leaded by quarterback Roger Staubach.

2001 New England Patriots: Sure, they blown it in 07’ but 5 years prior, it was the beginning of a golden period for the Pats thanks to the arrival of Tom Brady, who was coming to the team in replacement of Drew Bledsoe. Brady allowed this franchise to conquer their first NFL championship title by defeating the Rams by 20-17.

2004 New England Patriots:  With their victory over the Eagles at Super Bowl XXXIV, they managed to become just the second team in NFL history to conquer 3 NFL titles in four years, earning Tom Brady a spot amongst the best quarterbacks of all time.

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