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We all have heard the word disruption, and in the business arena, it has been considered as the synonym of success. In the traditional way of business, if service and product are unique and fills the demand of consumers, it is considered as disruption. If we look in the history, there were many examples of disruptive innovations like before cars there were horse breeders, postal services before emails, and lanterns before lights and computers.

Well, computer has not replaced anything as it's one kind of innovation that is behind every disruption we are seeing today. These are only a few examples as we are living in the age of disruption without even noticing it. But, the modern advancements have changed the definition of disruption. Now, market disruption is not limited to innovating new products and services but has to create its own market and consumer line.

Modern advancements continue to change the world in subtle ways. One or two decade ago, no one imagined carrying a television in their pockets or thinking about self-driving cars or having own robots. These all were the parts of Sci-fi movies, and today, these all are transformed into a reality. Today, sensors, devices, cloud infrastructure, data and business, AI, and ML are the words that are leading the world in every possible way, and now there is nothing like imagination, as tech disruption has made humans capable enough to cross that line.

One example of the modern way of innovation disruption is changing light bulbs into an internet transmitter. Now see, internet and light bulbs are itself disruptive innovations but merging these two to advance internet connectivity is a step towards the ultimate disruption. It is believed that Li-Fi will be 100X faster than Wi-Fi, and fast internet is the vital requirement to run today’s world.

The definition of innovation disruption has improved with time, and today, disruption is not finding what consumers want, but it is offering them something that they cannot resist. Because, no one asked for TV in mobile, but no one resists when they get it.

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