Having high self-esteem is highly imperative, especially if you want to aim for greatness. We all spend our life getting wiser and developing our abilities that sometimes we forget about our physical health. And one that is of utmost importance is dental health.

Wherever you look, magazines, television, we only see wonderful, white, unpolluted smiles, on television, ads of teeth whitening products with smiling actors showing white and glowing teeth. We live in a culture that always goes with the smile ahead.

Studies indicate that the same curriculums, people with a whiter and more attractive smile. The good news is that getting a healthy smile and giving off confidence is easier than you think. First, keep in mind that it is normal for your teeth to show the signs of the passage of time. If you think about all the wear and tear they suffer (three meals a day, every day), it's no wonder that the pearls in your mouth are losing their luster. However, with a few basic oral hygiene care and, perhaps, a little professional help, you can regain a healthy and youthful smile.

For instance, at dentista en Lima center in Peru, there are experts in dental aesthetics and whitening; More than 40 years transforming smiles. Each person is different and they know it. That is why they dedicate time to each one to know their patients' needs and get the best results.

Actions to take in order to have perfect teeth

To keep our teeth healthy and young it is necessary to follow a series of daily guidelines to get that desired smile.

Brush your teeth

The only way to have good oral health and therefore our teeth healthy, clean and white, is to brush properly after each meal. Using the brush immediately after eating decreases the time for plaque formation, and therefore less will stain our teeth keeping them clean and strong, just like the gum, the great forgotten, since you have to keep it healthy and without inflammation for that our teeth look even whiter.

Tooth brushing recommendations

It recommends changing the brush every three or four months. Another tip on how to brush your teeth: try not to brush yourself very hard. If you press hard, you can wear the enamel on your teeth.

Whiten and light to keep teeth clean

The best place to start your crusade for whiter teeth is the dentist's office. Routine mouth cleaning works wonders. With a whitening toothpaste you will also notice a big difference. Look for one that does not have a bleaching effect.

In addition, rapid whitening like Oral-b allows you to recover that lost luminosity.

Invest in more permanent changes

Dental aesthetic treatments such as porcelain veneers or enamel contouring could be what you were looking for. Aesthetic composites are used to cover stains and repair broken teeth. The veneers, ultra thin sheets to cover the teeth, serve to hide interdental holes or severe dental stains. The dental contouring, which restructures the tooth enamel to give it a uniform appearance, is a good option to correct irregularities in the teeth. New products and less invasive procedures continually appear. Our team specializes in highly aesthetic porcelain veneers and clinical whitening that achieve fantastic effects in a very short time.

What chop between hours?

To keep your teeth clean you should avoid sweets and sugary drinks such as soft drinks during the day. A 33ml coke, contains 35gr of sugar, about 7 tablespoons, for us to make an example of the amount of sugar we take without realizing it. The plaque is a biofilm of bacteria that forms constantly in the teeth. Sugary foods and drinks cause these bacteria to produce acids that attack the enamel, which causes cavities. If you are going to eat a caramel, do it at the time of dessert and brush your teeth afterwards to maintain a good oral hygiene. Dentists recommend fruit, it is healthy, and its sugars are less aggressive than many products treated.

Protect your lips

Apart from white and healthy teeth, there is another component that cannot be missed in a movie smile: delicious lips! If you are going to be exposed to the sun, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends protecting the lips with a specific sunscreen with an SPF factor of 15 or higher.

World wide dental health

Dentists around the world always stress on dental health. It’s a common premise the cross borders. You can be a dentist in Lima or in Japan, and you will always recommend the same things. That’s how important dental health is. There is concise agreement about how to protect your teeth.


It is always an issue that people don’t see at the beginning when dental problems arise. That's why it is important to take measures to avoid that those issues turn into bigger problems.

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