* You need to clean your lips with lukewarm water and rub it gently with a towel. After that you can apply a lip balm to make your lip moist and soft. This will prevent the lips from drying up. Dried lips are always a turn off. Try to keep our lips luscious always to look attractive.
* Remove the dead skin cells in your pouts. Rub your lips with sugar to remove the dead skin cells. This will reduce the wrinkles in your lips and make it attractive. A gentle skin cleanser can also be used for this purpose. Never rub your pout area firmly and irritate them. Try to pamper your lips to improve the blood circulation.
* Lemon's juice is also very helpful in removing the dead skin from your lips. You can obtain supple and soft lips easily after applying this in your lips. Make sure that you remove the dead skin cells from your pouts only once in a week to maintain the moisture in your lips.
* Cocoa butter is a very useful substance to make them moist. Apply this to get soft and supple lips.
* Mixing up aloe vera along with petroleum jelly will yield you a natural lip gloss. This will provide a silky look as well as protect them from the sun.
* Drink plenty of water. Water will make your pouts beautiful. For beautiful pouts, it is very necessary to stay hydrated.
* If you have the habit of licking your pouts, then try to avoid it completely. While licking the enzymes in your lips might damage the outer thin layer of your pouts.
* Stay protected from the sun. Sun rays might darken your lip color. Your pout area might look dull and unattractive after frequent exposure to the sun. Therefore, protect your pouts from the harmful sun rays by applying lip balm.
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