* Proper sleep is required to maintain a healthy body. Maintaining a schedule in your life style is necessary to get good sleep
* Avoid the intake of alcohol, they can cause disorders in your sleep.
* You can drink a glass of warm milk before going to sleep will help you to fall asleep.
* Have you dinner about one hour before going to sleep. Avoid heavy dinners and take the food that is easily digestible.
* Consumption of coffee and tea should be controlled. Thy have chemicals present in them which will make you more alert and energetic which will deprive sleep.
* Hearing soft music before going to bed will help you to get a sound sleep.
* Exercising regularly will help you to get a healthy body and also to get a good sleep.
* Taking a bath just before going to bed will also help in getting good sleep.
* If you have problems to sleep you can practice yoga or meditation. They will help to get a relaxed mind and body.
* You can maintain a regular bed time everyday. This will help you to get sleep at the correct time.
* Avoid noise and other disturbance from your bed room. Make it a comfortable place to sleep. Arrange a comfortable bed too.
* Stop the habit of smoking. Nicotine consumption will make you deprived of sleep.
* Herbal tea is recommended for solving that problem. you can get good and peaceful sleep after practicing these tips.

Above mentioned are natural techniques that provides good and trustworthy results.
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