The most used appliance of your house needs utmost care and rest, but neither does it receive any rest as it needs to run 24*7 nor does it receive proper car and maintenance as a result of which it tends to get frequent repairs. You must take proper care as it is an important usage appliance.

If the fridge stops working then it creates a lot of problems for you and your family. All your stocked up ice cream will go down the drains. The fridge must be repaired as soon as it gets damaged at practically your entire kitchen comes to a halt! Also to avoid getting into this mess, make sure to follow certain tips in order to keep your fridge in good working condition and avoid fridge repairs from time to time.

In this article you will get to know about the tips that will help you avoid frequent fridge repairs:

  • The condenser is the heart of the fridge. Make sure to clean the coils of the condenser on a regular basis. Make your fridge stand on a wheel stand to it is easier to move it forward and backward thus giving ease in cleaning. Major repair problems arise from some issues with the condenser coils so if they are kept clean, then you can solve the problem and reduce its generation by about 70%. You may use any broom or even a vacuum cleaner at low speed to get the task done.
  • Next part that requires clean up is the condenser fan in order to avoid regular repairs. This fan is great at inviting dust, fumes and cob webs. Due to which the fan gets clogged and shows a decreased output. Cleaning this quite simple and can be done via any soaked cloth like how we clean our ceiling fans, same way this condenser fan can also be cleaned.
  • The gasket can cause huge costly repair and must be taken care of from before. The door gasket must be cleaned on a regular basis. You need to get hold of the sticky stains from the door gasket and must wipe it clean but make sure to avoid it getting torn off. With it you will ensure that the fridge is closed tightly and thus will remain cool.
  • Also make sure that the vents of the freezer are clean. These vents allow air circulation and must be kept thoroughly cleaned from time to time. Also if they get blocked, they might cause some additional problems and will cause a lot of money to be spent on the repairs. Also check the temperature controls to the middle settings and adjust them according to the room temperature.

Keeping a good check on the above points will let you increase the longevity of your fridge. But if you wish to avoid Westinghouse fridge repairs then make sure to take good care of the device. Just simple cleaning and regular maintenance will help to enhance the working ability of the fridge.

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