When going out to a nightclub, you need to know what to wear to stay comfortable, feel attractive, and be able to dance. We have listed some of the best outfits to look good while enjoying your time at an Edinburgh nightclub.

You also have to dress strategically, a single spilled glass of red wine can turn into a costly mistake, and the wrong shoes could send you home. The best choice is usually smart but not oversized. If there is a significant risk of wine spillage at an Edinburgh nightclub, you can opt for darker, more stain-resistant clothes such as a button-down blazer teamed with smart, fitted chinos or dark denim.

Dress Codes for Clubs

Dress codes for clubs vary from venue to venue, and you should learn about these before going to a nightclub. Some places have strict dress codes, and others don't. Regardless of the place you're going, a good rule of thumb is to wear a dress that is appropriate for the occasion. Usually, these guidelines will be posted on the venue's website.

Styles to Wear to a Nightclub

When going to a nightclub, the proper attire can make all the difference. Avoid polyester shirts and oversized tees. Wear a tight fit instead of baggy. Avoid oversized tees that make you look like an extra from a rap video. Clubs are usually dark and noisy, and you don't want to get into any fights by being too flashy.

Comfortable Shoes to Wear to a Club

Comfortable shoes are an essential part of the outfit for a night of clubbing. These shoes can be sneakers, loafers, or boots. You can also wear jeans, joggers, or casual pants with comfortable shoes.


One of the main issues that you must consider is colour. The colour of the blazer you choose should match the club colours or you might end up looking out of place. Luckily, you can easily find the correct colour by asking a club officer.


A bodysuit is an essential part of any woman's closet, and it can take many forms. A simple bodysuit with an attached tank top can be the foundation of a great outfit. For an evening out, a cheetah-print mesh bodysuit can become the show-stopper of the night. You can easily pair a bodysuit with your favourite hoop earrings and wear a pair of joggers or a jacket over the top.

Off-The-Shoulder Dresses

Off-the-shoulder dresses are among the most sought-after items for clubbing. They can show off your sexy and sultry vibe while also being comfortable to wear. Choose from the latest colours and fabrics and get ready to attract all eyes.

Bodycon Dresses

If you want to look hot at a club, a bodycon dress is what you need. They are perfect for revealing your figure, but they aren't so tight that you can't dance. Bodycon dresses come in all sorts of colours and styles. You can even get a statement necklace and wear sexy heels with them.

When you want to look sexy at a club but still maintain a casual vibe, try a black mini-dress. This flirty style features an asymmetric cut on top, an open back, and a zipper front detail. The dress is versatile, and you can wear it alone or with other accessories. There are literally thousands of ways to wear a black mini-dress!

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