Keeping up a clean home is more about conceiving some good habits that’ll be beneficial for yourself and your household. This article has the best tips on how to tidy your home. Learn the proper way of cleaning and disinfecting these common household items. Keep germs away with these easy disinfection. Below are some of the steps from NW Maids Cleaning Service you need to take to make your home neat and in order.

1. Bedroom

• Tidying your bed should be the first thing to do in the morning. It is important as you don’t want to get back from work to see your bed disarranged. Arranging your bed can be discomforting especially when you get back feeling very tired so it’s best done before you take your leave.
• Look around for unwanted items in tight corners of your room then pick up and dispose of immediately.
• Having a laundry hamper in your room is very essential. Do not drop your dirty clothes on the floor rather dump them in the laundry hamper. Doing this makes it easy for you to locate your dirty clothes for a wash.
• After use, always keep your clothe exactly where you took it from. As well, arrange every other thing needed to be organized in their different positions like your bags, key, phone charger, laptop, etc.

2. Bathroom

• Make sure to always use a shower cleaner to wipe the surface of your shower and let it rinse out. You can do this either in the morning before you go to work or in the evening when you are back from work.
• Hang back used items like the towel, bathrobe, etc. After use, do not leave your towel squeezed on a spot. If it is not dirty yet, dry it properly to be ready for use when next. If you are a bathrobe person, there should be a devoted hook for it in your bedroom.
• Before going to bed, you may likely do a quick wash of the bathroom floor. Do this daily pending the period you’ll deep clean your bathroom. Doing this will help to make the floor not to be slippery.
• After using the bathtub, always rinse properly.

3. Kitchen

• Empty the dishwasher or sink to be ready for breakfast dishes. This can be done while you brew your coffee. Piling up dishes all day is not hygienic and should be avoided.
• Always inspect the kitchen. There could be a spill on the kitchen wall, floor, faucets, countertops, etc. Always get in the habit to clean any spill when you notice it.
• While you cook, clean. As soon as your meal is ready for consumption, immediately rinse out every utensil used for easy wash.
• After eating, now wash out every used plate. No matter how tempted you are to watch your favorite program on the television, inculcate the habit to wash out used dishes after your meal. Dirty dishes shouldn’t be left overnight either to avoid pest of whatever kind rumbling in the kitchen.
• Don’t forget to sweep the floor always.

4. Living room

• Always take a few minutes of your time to clean the living room tables. Do not wait for it to be dusty or have a spill on it before you do this.
• Sweep the living room thoroughly.
• Remember to clean the Arts and electronic appliances.
• Mop daily or during weekends. This is depending on how busy your schedule is.

5. The passage

• Organize the entryway to the living room. Take away items that are not meant to be hanging in there. Trim off bushy flowers. Mop daily to keep the place neat and beautiful.
• Check the mailbox and sort the mail.
• Arrange the gym center. Store away dirty clothes and keep it neat always.


Cleaning every corner of the house daily and keeping them neat is very important. Visitors may come in at any time and wouldn’t feel comfortable with how messy your house is. You can always employ professional home cleaning services to assist you with the clean up if your schedule doesn’t permit you to do the above mentioned yourself.

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