One of the most vital memories you want captured for keeps is your wedding day. That’s why you need to get the best Louisville wedding photographer. As soon as you get engaged, start your planning quickly, and one of the first factors to consider is the photographer.

First-rate wedding photographers book months ahead of time that is why the wedding photographer is the first thing you need to do a search for when planning your wedding. You should start by asking around to your married friends and family so as to know who they used as their wedding photographer. Ask if they liked them and ask to see their wedding album. This is actually starting point but you probbaly will also want to do a couple of research of your own. Search for a bridal fair or grab a wedding magazine/planner at your local wedding gown store. Photographers will advertise their business in magazines and planners and often times they will have a booth at a bridal fair to drum up business.

As soon as you have a list of photographers you could use, start the process of elimination until you end up with the best Louisville wedding photographer for you that meets your style and budget. Speak to a few of the photographers to look over their portfolio. See the wedding from beginning to end. Did the photographer get significant moments such as the wedding kiss? Cutting the cake? The first dance? Take a look at the quality of the pictures. Is there clarity or are they grainy? Are there any candid photos or are they all posed? Wedding photos aren't the same as any other kind of photos. The photographer needs to be able to capture the emotion of the day. Know how many weddings the photographer has done. This will provide you with an idea of his experience level. You can ask if the photographer will bring an assistant that can help if any equipment crashes or needs carrying around. An excellent photographer is likely to bring backup equipment and an assistant to be able to help capture everything. Ask what kind of camera the photographer uses. Is it digital? If the photographer works with a digital camera to take images of your wedding, make perfectly sure it is at least an 8 megapixel or higher. In case the photographer uses film, be sure it is professional quality and not consumer quality.

It’s vital that you find a Louisville wedding photographer that is easily affordable. In some cases you may make a deal with photographers on price. Ask if they charge by the hour and the hours they will be at your affair. When it comes time to sign the contract, make sure the photographer you are hiring is the one who is actually going to be there. A handful of companies are going to do a bait and switch with you. Get it in writing that the photographer you desire is the one who will be shooting your wedding.

Other than finding the perfect dress, discovering the right Louisville wedding photographer to record your special day is one of the most vital tasks you will ever do for your wedding. Be certain that you're careful in your search for a photographer. Don’t think twice to ask questions, take a look at dozens of wedding albums, discuss prices and get everything in writing. Doing this will make sure you get the ultimate photographer for your perfect day.

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