It is hard to know exactly what to do during a home remodel if you have never gone through one before. When beginning any major renovation job around the home it is best to gather advice and information from many sources on the dos and don’ts. Below you will find some money and time saving tips to ensure your project starts and ends on the right track.
1) Think about the other homes within your neighborhood.
• The last thing you want to do is out build the neighborhood you live in. When looking at adding a second story to a neighborhood of ranch level homes you might reconsider. The same is true with a two story garage when the neighbors only have one. If you spend a significant amount of money on redoing your home you are making it so that your home’s value is higher than what the neighborhood homes are actually going to sell for. This will make selling your home and recouping the costs of the renovations difficult.
2) Have a detailed plan of action including a budget and schedule.
• Home remodeling projects, like any other project require a plan that is written down. It is best to see where and how money for the project will be spent and not deviate from the original proposal. This is especially true in bathroom renovations and kitchen remodels. Often times what happens that leads us to go wayward is that we were not specific enough in our plan. Before you begin consider the current costs associated with the renovation and make sure your wants, needs and desires are within the budgeted plan. It is easier to dismiss the need for a bigger sink if you have already planned for, measured and purchased for a smaller one.
3) Interview and hire a licensed contractor that comes with several glowing referrals.
• When you are interviewing and hiring a professional contractor to renovate any part of your home do the home work before signing the contract. It is important you hire someone who is not only trustworthy but also incredibly knowledgeable and insured. Also, determine from referrals if clients who have worked with the contractor have enjoyed working with them and if they are happy with the job they have done previously.
4) Make sure your goals are in line with the budget you have set.
• When pricing a remodel don’t guess. It is best to go into a home improvement store armed with a pen, paper and wish list. You will soon discover that little items add up. Before beginning make sure you have the funds in place to create what you desire. If not hold off. A realistic budget with the job you have in mind will make for a better outcome.
5) Update old electrical and plumbing lines before the drywall is in place.
• It is important in kitchen remodels and bathroom renovations that lines are run ensuring plumbing and electricity outlets are in locations that they need to be. Failure to have these things in the locations where they will be used will result in costly additions of electrical outlets and plumbing lines. Not to forget to mention the look of the overall design could be compromised.

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