You Must Know What Will Work

If you want a successful future-proofing video strategy you must understand what will work in today’s market. You must offer high-quality content that will reach users’ needs and surpass their expectations. This is the only way users will return to your brand over and over and by building trust with each communication. Below is what works today:

Short Videos

Keep in mind, you only have a few seconds to capture your audience. Your video should be 2 minutes or less.

Accessible Audios

If your video will have a narration or spoken words, you might want to add captions to get your message across. Research shows that approximately 92% of viewers will watch a video with the sound turned off. That said, it doesn’t mean you should ignore audio. Make sure your audio is clear, precise, and compelling when the sound is on.

Your Targeted Audience

The best videos capture targeted audiences. The content must be tailored to viewers’ needs. Consider the topics, colors, themes, characters, and ideas that will appeal to your audience.

Optimized SEO

You must have optimized SEO surrounding your video so it can be correctly indexed by search engines.

Show Caution With Trends

Many companies will attempt to capitalize on rising trends for a boost in their content with visibility and recognition. As an example, Anheuser-Busch capitalized on the Game of Thrones with their commercials Dilly Dilly. While the commercials fared well, the company, later on, retired the campaign. because the trend ended and the public moved on to something new. Campaigns like these are known as short-term strategies but not good for the long-haul. You need to find out if your video will still be relevant and draw in viewers a year from now or even in a few months. Ask yourself if your campaign is too trendy and will fall out of grace sooner than expected. You must create your own voice and space with content that can stand on its own. If you do, you will not have to rely on trends to grab the attention of your audience. Develop your own interesting characters and a compelling storyline. If you research and develop a video that is strong, you might become the next hot trend.

Mobile Video Optimization

The popularity of video has become universal with mobile devices. 62% of users are now carrying around video devices on a daily basis and another 36% are viewing on tablets. It’s believed the statistics will increase over time.

A business survey conducted by Facebook showed that 45% of viewers in the US and Canada expect to increase their viewing of videos on mobile devices. This is actually great news because the study showed that viewers are more interested and becoming more engaged when they watch a video on their mobile devices vs watching them on television, even if they are exactly the same.

How To Successfully Optimize For Mobile

  • You must grab viewers in 5 seconds or less.
  • You must create for silent viewing.
  • Only include the essentials.
  • Be sure to format to match your platform.

Phone service providers are now introducing 5G all across the US, you may well see a huge increase in the demand for videos. This means more people can stream high-quality videos without having buffering or bandwidth issues. That said, don’t rely on 5G right way, it’s still in its very early stages and providers still need to get through all the red tape before it becomes a reality. Adding to that, users will have to purchase 5G enabled smartphones.

Expand Your Video Placement

Videos have become a very popular place to spend your advertising funds but will only work if you make smart choices where to place your videos. Statistics have shown that fewer people are watching television and those that do, are older. In order to gain a larger audience to target younger viewers, you should spend your video advertising money on streaming services and on-demand videos like Hulu or Sling. Keep in mind the old adage, don’t place all your eggs in one basket with a single streaming service. Plan on mixing up social, streaming, and other platforms.

You must remain up-to-date with the latest ad platforms and social media networks to ensure you are capitalizing on the best opportunities for your content. In most cases, you can use the same content for several platforms to maximize your reach without having to seriously increase your budget.

Be Sure To Keep An Eye On Your Video Metrics

The best way to know what works and what does not work is by watching your video metrics. Track your click-through rates, identify high-performing videos, and separate them to find those that work. You should pay attention to how the same video performs on different platforms. Watching your video metrics will help you identify trends and react to changes in the video marketing world.

Select The Right Partner

If you want a strong video presence, look for an experienced video partner who pays attention to trends, understands the best practices, and knows how to bring them all together as powerful videos for your brand. Search for a production company with a wide range of abilities and skills. Then develop a long-term relationship so you can consistently create high-quality video projects time and time again.

INOVIT has created hundreds of videos for insurance companies, popular television shows, cryptocurrency creators, and everything else in between. This is the next logical step in your quest to stay on the leading edge of the video industry.

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