An initial primary teacher course can bring with it a gamut of expectations & experiences. Whether it is a full or part-time course, online or classroom mode of training, there are certain tips that trainees should keep in mind before getting started. In this article, we shall discuss them briefly.

Read plenty of materials
Since trainees will be exposed to intensive theoretical training in the primary teacher training course, they need to dig deeply into the applicable chapters from course books, utilize the resources and e-books, as well as digital articles, journals, online blogs, and websites. It will also develop the interest of the candidates in the subject matter, give them a brief idea or synopsis of what to expect in the course as well as written materials.

Become methodical
Developing routine & becoming systematic are the secrets of success. Aspirants or trainees must develop a “study time” on a weekly basis. A minimum of 3 hours or so will be ideal for those who’re new to the sphere of primary education and are already teaching. Follow it up by setting up the portfolio, by means of electronic platforms or papers.

Utilize technology
Technology has taken ascendancy everywhere & the field of teaching is not lagging behind. Leverage social media platforms such as Twitter for continuous professional development. It presents some of the best CPD around. Many educators utilize it only as a professional platform, by emulating academics, awarding bodies, peers, and colleagues. There is a plethora of information to relevant ideas and articles with a wealth of links.

Get support
Skillful & knowledgeable tutors and mentors are always available to support trainees and aspirants enrolling in a primary teacher training course. They should take their assistance & never hesitate to email them with a question or get extra classes or tutorials if required. Take their tips, guidance & suggestions if they run into difficulties. Get their valuable feedback to evaluate their strengths & weaknesses.

Be inquisitive
It’s the curiosity of the aspirants that will take them far & help them explore new things. This might seem clear and is probably what they tell their own students, but if they ask a question, then the chances are one of their peers is perhaps pondering over the same thing. Use an online forum, if a trainee thinks of something after class.

Don’t be afraid to take risks
Although tutors are strict, they are not managers or inspectors. They work with the trainees to create their teaching practices. But learning is not limited to what they do or say. Trainees should not be scared to try out new things whilst being observed. If an educational activity doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter. It’s the ability of the trainers to assess the teaching of the trainees irrespective of how they do it or which methodology they adopt.

Enjoy the training
Primary teacher training at the initial level offers an outstanding chance to discuss about various aspects of teaching with peers. However, after the course gets over, they don’t get this opportunity. Ingenious teaching and innovative problem solving are both hugely satisfying experiences. So trainees must unwind, chill out and join their instructors and peers on a journey of laughter & loads of humor although not for a long time.
Follow the tips mentioned-above & get the most from the primary teaching course. It will help trainees improve on their weak areas, build on their strengths, & learn & explore new stuff on teaching.

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laxmon Gope is a freelance website writer on the primary teacher training course. He writes mainly on academic topics and has contributed to the publication of bulk blogs & articles. Earlier he worked as a childhood educator in a leading private school.