These running tips are specifically for Moms wanting to get into running in between kids and everything else they have to do. There are some general tips here though that would suit anyone just starting. Often we have good intentions and great goals but when the reality of it hits, we give in because its too hard, or we push ourselves, cause an injury, recover and never go back!

These tips can help ease you into running. If you want to take it further once you have the hand of it consider the value of looking into online running coaching.

1) Invest in some decent running shoes – There are a couple of reasons you should spend a bit of money on proper shoes. Comfort of course, often pain in the feet or as you run can be attributed to poorly chosen runners. Shoes that fit your feet properly will help avoid pain, aches and injuries too. That means you are less likely to quit. The other reason to invest in a good pair is psychologically when you put money into something, you do not want to waste it so you are more likely to stay committed! Get a good pair of runners from a proper store where the people know how to measure you and ask all the right questions.

2) Find someone to run with – Sometimes it is hard getting yourself motivated to run when it is just you out there. Have someone you run with or train with can make it easier to drag yourself to it, as you do not want to let them down. If motivation is a problem and you do not have a partner consider taking a look at online running communities for support.

3) Have something to work towards – If you are new to running your goal should be attainable and might be about a fitness level, a time, a distance. If you are running with the intention of training for competitions then your goal might be each race you are in to do better somehow. With online running coaching you have someone who can help you set the prefect goals for your situation.

4) Have a running plan – Whether you are a casual runner or aiming for something more, having a plan or schedule that you run to is a great idea. However when you have kids it helps to keep the plan flexible. You might want to start with running twice a week with the aim of building to four times a week, on whatever days fit around everything else going on. Workout with an online running coach what days are best for you, what time of day you are more likely to feel motivated and less likely to be interrupted! Avoid making it a rigid thing if you have children, a job and other things going on, as that can lead to feeling inadequate and frustrated.

5) Don't push too hard too soon – Your body needs time to get used to a running schedule. Keep your distances shorter, your pace lighter and be kind to yourself. Start slowly with an online running coach and build up in endurance, distance, speed and strength. You might need to start with fast walking before you are ready for running. That is fine.

6) Get the children running with you – With babies you can jog pushing a stroller. With kids you can jog while they ride their bikes with you. With older kids they can run with you! If you need them to be with you there are ways to do it. Or take this time as your time. Either way works.

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this article is written by Lora Davis for We Run LTD.