Below are some interior design ideas which will help you to change your adult-friendly home into a kid-friendly space:

- Extra storage for toys: Children’s toy table can fix in any room without taking too much space. You can put those toys or ask your children to do that after they stop playing. It will reduce the chances to fall.
- Semigloss paint: Almost 95% of children love to show their creations on the wall instead of their books and copies. You then want to remove those marks but it’s impossible to do that unless and until you paint your house again. You can easily remove markers, crayons, and chalk colors if you use Semigloss paint.
- Fixed Furniture: Children love to pull the chairs where ever they want and hurt themselves. Try to using stable furniture with fixed cushions and every stuff so that they don’t shift them in every corner of the house.
- Glass: We suggest you use safety glass in your windows and doors. Try to avoid using glass furniture as it can hurt your little one after falling.
You don’t have to spend a lot of extra money to keep your children safe. It’s just a matter of fact that most of the parents have not thought in this way. Try these few tips in your Home Interiors and see how they work in your home. We will be sharing more tips in our next blog!

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